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bBar Brings Healthy Living to Del Mar

bBar Del Mar

In the past, Beaming juices and salads were a cult hit for those in the know, but the secret is out now that the very first bBar is open in Del Mar.  Don’t let the concept of a juice and superfood bar fool you into thinking the food won’t satisfy your soul. My 6-year-old thought her Beaming Basic raw cacao and almond milk smoothie was a chocolate milkshake. No joke. bBar is about to enter your eating ritual and reassure the skeptical that healthy food is not only delicious but it makes you feel better.

The the motto behind Beaming, the company behind bBar, is that you glow from within if you live healthy. And, a healthy diet is not about deprivation, but rather moderation and balance. With it’s clean, contemporary interior, bBar is one of those places where you feel good the second after stepping inside and instantly motivated to change unsavory eating habits.

Healthy Living Del Mar

Walk in the door. Once at the counter, to the right is a gigantic smoothie menu above a refrigerated display case full of salads and other to-go items. To the left, another refrigerated display case heaves with pre-packaged juices, smoothies, soups, salads and snacks to grab. Dine in at bBar after paying or take it all home. They have refrigerated bags if you need one.

Ask for help, if you aren’t sure what to order. Each bBar staff member is thoroughly educated regarding ingredients in each products and nutritional benefits. More importantly, they’ll tell you what each item tastes like so that you can decide which of the several green juices to pick or salad to take home.

Speaking of the juice, it’s cold-pressed hydraulic juice which means it retains more nutrients and enzymes and can lasts up to 5 days. This is a special process that you don’t find at a standard juice bar or in grocery store juices. All Beaming fruits and vegetables are organic, too.

Menu Favorites

Note that Beaming has a proprietary, organic and plant-based superfood blends that are incorporated into some menu items.

If you have a sweet tooth, substitute a cookie for a Beaming Protein Bite. Fans are raving about them. Beaming uses coconut flour, almond butter, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, Beaming Protein, lucuma, goji berries and coconut sugar in each Beaming Protein Bite. Yes, it’s delicious.

Try the Kale Caesar Salad. The salad itself is tossed, de-stemmed curly kale, goji berries, shaved fennel and hemp seeds. Toss it with Beaming Cashew Sauce, which is cashews, herbs, lemon, raw honey, onion flakes and garlic, for a lunch your body will thank you for.

The Mojo Maca smoothie (to-go) is a blend of sprouted almond milk, coconut water, blueberry, banana, spinach, Beaming Protein, Irish moss, maca, almond butter and vanilla that makes a perfect breakfast.

Beaming Cleanses

Forget the difficult juice cleanses that leave you weak and hungry. Beaming believes cleansing reboots your system and offers several cleanse options that eliminate the deprivation feeling because you can chew salad and eat soup with juice in between. Plus, Beaming tastes better than the competition.

Healthy Restaurants in Del Mar, Ca

1. Pure Boost (Monday Reset): So maybe you had a feeling that you’d overindulge during the weekend. If you were smart, you’d have ordered up a one-day cleanse to pick up at bBar on Sunday for a Monday start.

  • A variety of 4 of Beaming’s favorite cold pressed organic juices
  • 1 salad or raw dish
  • 1 Beaming Superfood protein bite
  • 1 freshly sprouted & pressed Beaming almond milk
  • 1 packet of Beaming Superfood Plant Protein
  • 1 Beaming Superfood Protein Bite

Cost is $65.

2. Pure Glow: Rest your system by taking on a 3-day cleanse. This one involves food! Here is what you receive for each day.

  • 3 organic cold press juices
  • 1 Beaming Protein Almond Milk (with Beaming protein added to freshly sprouted almond milk)
  • 1 Superfood Elixir
  • 1 salad or raw entree
  • 1 Beaming Superfood Protein Bite (a delectable treat every day!)

Cost is $225.

3. Pure Joy: Because a 4-day cleanse is better, here is what you receive for each day.

  • 2 organic cold press juices
  • 1 Superfood smoothie
  • 1 Raw soup
  • 1 Superfood Elixir
  • 1 Salad or raw entree

In addition, you will receive a lot more including Beaming Tea, Milk thistle tincture, Chlorophyll/Aloe shot, e3live Brain On shot, Skinny Shot, a post-cleanse ebook, cooler bag and discounts to local spas and holistic practitioners. Cost is $350.

Cleanses may be available for delivery within San Diego, depending on where you live. They also should be ordered in advance but if you really have a hankering to get started, stop into bBar and have a staff member put one together for you.

Try bBar and start on a path toward a healthier you.

(located in the Albertson’s shopping center east of I-5 and Via de la Valle)
2683 Via de la Valle
Del Mar, CA 92014

Katie Dillon: Katie writes La Jolla Mom, a lifestyle site focused on parenting, luxury travel, cooking with kids, home management, and local happenings. When not traveling, she lives in the seaside community of La Jolla, CA with her 7-year-old fashionista, dog, and husband.