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Carlsbad CrossFit

6353 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009

(760) 310-3903

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We care about human performance. We care about your performance and your potential. In order to maximize your potential you need to train intensely and smartly. To do this safely and efficiently, we follow very basic rules.

Our first rule is to do no harm. Our programming will be constantly varied, but not random. We want you to grow as an athlete, without injury. Overuse injuries can be common in the workplace, the gym, and in sports. We can help prevent these injuries through proper scaling and frequent communication with our trainers

If you are injured, or are recovering from a previous injury, we will do what we can to scale our program to accommodate your needs. Our workouts are designed to be inclusive and general, while still providing appropriate challenge for all athletes.

Our second rule is to increase mechanics. We want you to move better. Mastering movement patterns and exercise mechanics before increasing load and intensity will increase your overall performance potential and ensure your safety.

Our third rule is to increase performance. Increasing intensity directly correlates with increasing performance. Intensity is a factor of increasing loads and reps, while decreasing time. Performance is not increased overnight. A structured dedication to training combined with healthy eating and sleeping habits are the key factors for increasing overall athletic performance.