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CrossFit Leucadia

1144 N Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 818-9015

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We are dedicated to the exploration of human potential. A sanctuary for those seeking maximum physical, mental, spiritual and social development. Quite simply put, a place where our community can call home. We believe a strong physical culture is made up of equal parts, strength, focus, intensity, sacrifice, and humility. For it is our experience that strength of health and body are inextricably linked with strength of mind. This is our ideal of what it is to be healthy and whole. This is a high-intensity, holistic playground. A laboratory where we can continually deepen our understanding of the interplay between intensity and movement. Relationships made here are strong because we have shared challenging experiences together. Ones that accept and encourage individuality as well as share the common vision, purpose, and goals of the whole. In essence, a physical culture is better able to seek and serve it’s highest purpose. For us, that boils down to: Strong. Healthy. Happy.