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CrossFit Xystum

800 W Grand Ave Suite C, Escondido, CA 92025

(858) 365-3313

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CrossFit is the most effective and efficient strength and conditioning program out there. Military, MMA athletes, law enforcement, fire departments and sport coaches across the board have been employing these methodologies to produce the most physically prepared athletes on this planet! CrossFit’s prescription is constantly varied, functional movements at relatively high intensities. Functional core exercises are singularly unique in developing strength, speed, flexibility, power and endurance.

CrossFit coaches do not rely on myriads of high tech, pretty machines with fans. You will not see anyone in a CrossFit gym jogging on a treadmill, while watching TV. As a matter of fact, you will not even see a treadmill!

You have to understand something. Most commercial gyms utilize attractive high-tech machines to draw in as many people as possible. They know only a fraction will remain. They know most of their members will not see the results they desire. They know most of their new sign-ons will eventually get frustrated and leave. This cycle is critical for the commercial gym business model to succeed!

We utilize dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, pull-up bars, rings, climbing ropes, jump ropes, plyo-metric boxes and medicine balls for our arsenal of equipment. We will coach you to perform correct movement. You will not have to guess about weights or repetitions. We will coach you through every workout and show you exactly what needs to be done. We will teach you the most critical components of nutrition. Your success is also ours! This is our business model.

Our facility has a workout floor approximately 2300 sq. feet with a 16 foot trestle ceiling. The feedback we get from people entering our box is always positive. Plenty of room, floor space and all the CrossFit equipment you will need! We don’t have showers, but we have very clean bathroom amenities. Our facility is nestled in the downtown area of Escondido on the corner of West Grand and Quince. The city is in the process of renovating the street and sidewalks of West Grand Avenue. Although we have a West Grand Address, you have to access our parking lot and front door from Quince. Just look for our black and red CrossFit Xystum sign on the Quince side of the building.

We are all on a fitness journey. Some are doing well and some not so well. What ever part of the fitness road you are on, where ever your physical abilities lie, we will meet you there. With your dedication and ours, CrossFit Xystum will propel you to a level of fitness you have never experienced before, nor even thought possible!