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190 N. Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 452-7245

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Mon - Fri 3pm - 9pm | Sat-Sun 12pm - 9pm


Breezy, contemporary sushi joint with a laid-back beach theme, sake bombs & elevated small plates.

HapiFish is beach sushi.  Inspired by our location, blocks away from Moonlight Beach, HapiFish’s concept fuses California beach cuisine & a laid-back beach vibe.  HapiFish is a place for locals to meet for quick beach eats, hapi hour drinks & fresh sushi. Our airy {& very social} Encinitas patio welcomes large groups, families & sake-bombers alike.

We are HAPI. We live, breathe, and think in a different way. We believe in the pursuit of “hapi-ness“. We believe in living out our dreams and doing things the HAPI way. Our place, our vibe, our staff, and most importantly our food reflects our lifestyle and our love for HAPI days.

You will come to find that we never will stay the same. We are constantly evolving and making changes in order to continue elevating our HAPI home.

Some would say that we do things a little differently. Our craft is “hapi-ness” and our food is just one of the ways we express it! Hapifish is comprised of chefs from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We thrive on culture, old/new traditions, and the pursuit of “hapi-ness”. Born by the beach in Encinitas, our food reflects our love for the ocean with a little Japanese twist!