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30+ CrossFit Gyms in North County San Diego (Master List)

30+ CrossFit Gyms in North County San Diego (Master List)

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CrossFit is a fitness program that incorporates varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Using aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing, and more, CrossFit appeals to people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. With workouts that change every day to challenge you, you can see dramatic fitness gains in a short amount of time with a proper diet. If you’re a beginner to weight training, looking for a tight-knit CrossFit community, or looking for motivation to help you reach your fitness goals, check out these CrossFit gyms in North County San Diego.

CrossFit 2120

This 2,400 square foot facility includes a 600 square foot private training annex. This gym has barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, jump ropes, slam balls, medicine balls, squat racks, pull up racks, and more.

CrossFit Del Mar

At this 4,500 square foot facility, you can take group or private classes, let your kids enjoy the children’s play area, and learn essentials of weightlifting and gymnastic movements.

CrossFit Counter Culture

CrossFit Counter Culture has a 5,000 square foot facility with on-site showers and a full-time in-house physical therapist. Programs include CrossFit, Cardio Bootcamp, personal training, nutrition coaching, competition programming, Open Gym, and Mobility Class. Sign up for their free “No Sweat” introductory class.

CrossFit Leucadia

CrossFit Leucadia features 5,000 square feet of indoor space and 5,000 square feet of outdoor space along with CrossFit Elite Training, a Rogue Fitness Cage, TRX Suspension, rings, pull up bars, Hypersquat, free-motion cross cables, and olympic lifting.

US CrossFit

US CrossFit was founded by Mark Divine, author of “Unbeatable Mind” and “The Way of the Seal.” This gym has classes including: Warrior Yoga, Combat Defense, TRX, Qigong/Tai Chi, Open Gym, and Breath Empowerment classes.

Carlsbad CrossFit

Carlsbad CrossFit offers CrossFit programs including Workout-of-the-Day (WOD), Teen Class Fitness Class, and an Open Gym class. Try one class for free or sign up for group or private sessions. Membership includes access to Vista CrossFit.

Dynamis CrossFit

Dynamis CrossFit’s 4,400 square foot facility offers the following training programs: CrossFit Group Class, CrossFit Kids (ages 3-18), Olympic Lifting Class, personal coaching, and an Active Recovery Class. On top of that, members can take advantage of supervised childcare, yoga, massages, and a strong community of CrossFitters. Head over on Saturdays at 9 am for a free introductory class.

House of CrossFit

House of CrossFit features free weights, barbells, plyo boxes, medicine balls, and more, all to improve functional mobility during your high-intensity workouts. Classes offered are geared toward everyone from beginners to more experienced CrossFitters. Call them up to sign up for a free first class.

CrossFit 760

Get trained by Level-3 Certified CrossFit trainers at this 2,400 square foot gym. CrossFit 760 has fitness programs like their Road to Wellness Fitness Camp, CrossFit Kids (ages 6-12), Remote Coaching, Competition Training, and a 30-day Camp 760 to work on mental and physical fitness. Their San Marcos location features a 5,000 square foot facility with a kids play area, community lounge, and plenty of parking.

Offshore CrossFit

Offshore CrossFit’s 5,000 square foot facility specializes in CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and Kettlebell training programs.

The Fit Mill

The Fit Mill specializes in private and specialty classes and workshops incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, an exercise system that CrossFit is based on.

Oceanside CrossFit

Oceanside CrossFit offers a Beginners Fundamentals Class, Private Fundamentals Course, Open Gym, Oside Barbell Club, and more. Check their schedule online to see times and dates of classes. Your first class is free.

Polarize CrossFit

Polarize CrossFit’s (PCF) 3,600 square foot facility features a custom pull-up rig and nine lifting platforms to give members plenty of space to train. While they don’t offer supervised childcare, your kiddo will be safe playing in the kids section. PCF classes include CrossFit, SilverFit (ages 55+), CrossFit Kids (for teens), Olympic lifting, sport specific training, yoga, and personal training.

Ballast CrossFit

With an emphasis on creating a community-driven environment, Ballast CrossFit specializes in CrossFit training, Olympic weight lift training, fitness, and nutritional coaching.

CrossFit Black Diamond

CrossFit Black Diamond offers adult and kids CrossFit classes taught by highly experienced coaches.

Pacifico CrossFit

Pacifico CrossFit offers free introductory classes for beginner, intermediate, or elite athletes.

CrossFit Barracks

This family-owned and operated gym that offers Fundamentals classes, CrossFit group classes, personal training, Olympic lifting, and yoga classes. CrossFit Barracks also offers private training sessions.

CrossFit Sun

Programs include CrossFit classes, FixFit to learn about the mechanics of human movement, and CFS Sweat (a longer workout focused on weight loss). The FunFit Teens training program teaches kids strength training, high intensity workouts, metabolic conditioning, and how to eat healthy.

CrossFit LVI

With upbeat music playing during classes, you can be motivated to give it your all during workouts. CrossFit LVI specializes in weight lifting, cardio, strength and conditioning, weight loss, and improving your technique in all workouts.

Ironfire Athletics

Their 4,500 square foot facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, a separate weight room, WOD classes, personal training, kids classes, Olympic weightlifting classes, Powerlifting classes, competition personal training, and nutrition consultation with a registered dietician nutritionist.

CrossFit Iconic

CrossFit Iconic’s 6,000 square foot facility accommodates multiple classes at once and has North County’s only regulation size Olympic platform. Enjoy a variety of programs which include Prep Classes for beginners, CrossFit group classes, kids classes, barbell classes, and personal training. Take a free class today.

CrossFit Xystum

CrossFit Xystum’s 2,300 square foot gym features a 16-foot trestle ceiling, group training programs, “On Ramp” classes for beginners, kids classes, an in-house and sponsored Reebok store, and CFX Bootcamp to develop balanced functional fitness.

Cocoon CrossFit

Cocoon CrossFit offers flexible class schedules, morning and evening CrossFit classes, 101 training for beginners, nutrition programming, meal planning, lockers, showers, and Open Gym all day. At Cocoon CrossFit, you can learn how to master gymnastics, body weight, strength and Olympic weightlifting movements.

Boombox CrossFit North

This CrossFit gym has yoga classes, powerlifting classes, a barbell club, Open Gym and strength and conditioning classes. The gym also offers childcare during certain classes in their children’s area with an Apple TV and toys.

CrossFit Point A

Join CrossFit Point A to enroll in CrossFit, Fundamentals, and Yoga classes.

24K CrossFit

24K CrossFit specializes in group or personal classes, Olympic lifting, yoga, and nutritional advice. As one of 220 Reebok Recognized CrossFit affiliates in the United States, 24K has exclusive benefits and discounts for its members. Programs include CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Bootcamp, personal training, and their Mobility Program. Schedule your free introductory class today.

CrossFit Double Barrel

CrossFit Double Barrel’s 4,000+ square foot facility offers the following classes: FitCamp, CrossFit, Beginner Weightlifting, Advanced Weightlifting, PowerLifting, CrossFit Fundamentals, Youth Sports Performance, personal training, yoga, and Open Gym. They also have a kids rooms and a lounge area. Whether you’re a new or experienced CrossFit enthusiast, you can sign up for a free consultation.

Vista CrossFit

Vista CrossFit offers a wide array of programs and classes including Workout-of-the-Day (WOD), Fitness Class, Open Gym, Olympic Weightlifting Class, and a Kids Bootcamp. Sign up for a free discovery session. Monthly memberships for adults and teens, as well as private 60-minute sessions are available. Membership includes access to Carlsbad CrossFit.

CrossFit Trifecta

CrossFit Trifecta is a kid-friendly, 4500 square foot facility featuring a rubber-matted floor, tractor tires, climbing ropes, an Olympic lifting room, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more to get your fit. Join their Olympic Weightlifting or CrossFit program taught by experienced instructors. Stop by on Saturdays at 9 am for a free introductory class.

CrossFit South Vista

CrossFit South Vista’s 5,000 square foot facility is one of the largest North County CrossFit gyms. This kid-friendly gym that has a close-knit community of members and convenient class schedules. Programs include CrossFit, Cardio Bootcamp, personal training, nutrition coaching, competition programming, Open Gym, and Mobility Class. Start off your CrossFit journey with their free “No Sweat” introductory class.


Take your CrossFit workouts to the next level at this interval training gym.

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