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25+ Private Schools in North County San Diego

25+ Private Schools in North County San Diego

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Private education is lauded for its emphasis on individual support, specialized teachers, and flexible schedules for a student’s particular needs. Private schools in North County San Diego each create a distinct academic culture informed by a variety of factors including religious affiliation and student-directed learning methods.

Students enrolled in private schools can enjoy small or one-to-one classes, a plethora of unique extracurricular activities, a tight-knit community environment, state-of-the-art facilities, and more. North County San Diego offers a variety of accredited private schools for students to learn in non-traditional programs and prepare for college-level courses.

Calvary Preparatory Academy

Calvary Preparatory Academy serves students in grades K-12 with an online, Christian-based education. Classes feature virtual one-on-one mentoring, flexible scheduling, online summer school options, and college-preparatory classes for high school students. Students that balance other responsibilities including sports and careers can access their coursework any time according to their preferred schedule. Summer school classes are offered for students to graduate early, make-up credits, or make room for other classes in the fall. As a fully accredited high school, Calvary Preparatory Academy enables students to easily transfer credits to other accredited schools across the country. Core high school classes are UC and NCAA approved, so that students meet the college requirements with ease.

Rancho Encinitas Academy

Rancho Encinitas Academy (REA) boasts a picturesque campus with cottage-style classrooms, native and exotic shade trees, vibrant aviaries, and plenty of other nooks and crannies where students grades K-8 can learn, play, and socialize. REA features small class sizes, fun electives like yoga and mindfulness, a personalized curriculum, and research-based instruction to help your child succeed.  With a 10:1 student to teacher ratio, REA combines a low-stress environment with project-based teaching to keep your child on track. The adjoining Edison Academy provides an alternative and accredited curriculum for students grades three through eight who have learning, social, and attention difficulties. Edison’s 7.5:1 student to teacher ratio helps students who learn differently meet and exceed grade-level standards. REA and Edison also feature after-school enrichment clubs, after school care, and summer learning sessions for students that want to get ahead. Both schools are accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance.

Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church & School

Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School provides Christ-centered academic instruction for students in grades K-8. Multigrade classrooms help create a unique learning environment for kids to develop academic, cognitive, and emotional skills. Students can enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities including basketball, volleyball, soccer, math club, drama, piano, choir, and art.

West Coast Baptist School

West Coast Baptist School runs a K-12 school based on the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) program. This non-traditional approach enables students to learn at their own pace instead of traditional classroom’s pace.

Tri-City Christian School

Tri-City Christian School is a Christ-centered school that provides spiritual, academic, athletic, and art programs for preschool to grade 12 students. Students grade 7-12 can complete classes on-site or online through the Virtual Learning Academy. Their spiritual portion of the curriculum focuses on a a chapel program, worship team, and mission trips. Tuition assistance is available.

Escondido Christian School

Escondido Christian School is a non-denominational private Christian school offering K-8 classes. With an emphasis on Biblical philosophy, the curriculum incorporates common core state standards, missions trips, and personalized learning. After school, students can participate in after-school enrichment activities including dance, drama, choir, sewing, and sports programs. Financial aid is available for families in need.

Balboa School

Balboa School offers an accredited education for students in grades one through 12. They offer various programs including college preparatory classes, international programs, ESL language support, extra curricular activities. fine arts, technology, and a competitive basketball athletics program. Education is characterized by small class sizes, peer-interaction, and one-on-one learning.

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School offers a comprehensive and religion-based curriculum for students in preschool through 8th grade. Children ages 2 and up can participate in full-time, 3/4 time, and 1/2 day classes, depending on your needs. The school’s K-8 curriculum incorporates religious teachings, common-core classes, stewardship programs, physical education, and a strong emphasis on science, math, and technology. Scholarships and financial assistance are available to low-income families.

Escondido Apostolic Christian Academy

Escondido Apostolic Christian Academy, or Kings Academy, offers Apostolic-based education for students in grades PreK-12. With around 50 students, teachers get to educate in small classrooms and give students individualized attention.

Valley Christian School

Valley Christian School is a Christ-centered K-8 school offering small class sizes, daily worship, weekly chapel presentations, and a traditional curriculum. Their curriculum includes physical education, art, technology, and Spanish classes, as well as field trips and extracurricular activities. Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in volleyball, basketball, and cheer programs. An extended care staff is available to supervise students before school starting at 7 am and after school until 6 pm for an additional fee.

Saint Joseph Academy

Saint Joseph Academy offers K-12 education with an emphasis on Catholic values and three pillars: classical academics, competitive athletics, and traditional Catholicism. Curriculum class offerings include religion, writing, phonics, grammar, literature, math, history, science, latin, art, music, physical education, and after school sports.

Pacific Academy

Pacific Academy offers individualized 7-12th grade education with a focus on small classes, online courses, extracurricular activities, and an innovative curriculum that accommodates each student’s schedule. The Pacific Academy curriculum focuses on cross-disciplinary studies, school events, unique course offerings, and more. Students with particular interests can take advantage of Pacific Academy’s robust individualized learning programs including their Bio-Med, Film and Digital Arts, Music, Applied Mathematics, and Sports programs. Other unique Pacific Academy offerings include monthly outdoor experiential education, yoga, surfing, skateboarding, project-based learning, 100% college acceptance rate, and a plethora of teachers with M.A.’s and Ph.D’s.

The Grauer School

The Grauer School is a college-preparatory school for students in grades seven to 12. Parents can choose the convenience of independent studies for students that require a flexible schedule. Students learn through a hybrid education program that combines the best parts of different education methods. Course and activity offerings including athletics, arts, humanities, robotics, computer science, engineering classes. To develop students into stewards if their community, The Grauer School requires all students complete 50 hours of community service and five weeks of Expeditionary Learning. Expeditionary Learning involves activities outside of school including school exchanges, outdoor activities, volunteering, and cultural immersion activities. For families looking to afford tuition, the school offers financial assistance in the form of a sliding scale tuition and financial aid based on demonstrable need.

Calvin Christian School

Calvin Christian School provides North County students with a Christ-centered educational experience from preschool to grade 12. With a strong emphasis on faith, the curriculum incorporates common core standards, an arts program, and competitive athletics program. Teachers instruct small class sizes and each student is provided a Chromebook to use during daily during classes. Tuition assistance is offered based on financial need, as well as an after-care program.

Carlsbad Country Day School

Carlsbad Country Day School provides education and care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners with an emphasis on creating a stimulating and hands-on learning environment for students. To develop your child’s linguistic ability, Carlsbad Country Day School offers a Spanish immersion program for children to learn a second language if parents are interested. With KidsVision daycare cameras, parents can remotely watch their child via a secured streaming video. An on-site chef prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks with locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients for all types of diets.

Kid's Town Montessori School

Kid’s Town Montessori School is a family-owned and operated school that features an individualized learning programs for preschool to 6th grade students. Montessori education focuses on practical life skills, language, sensorial exploration, mathematics, geography, and science. Kid’s Town consists of eight classrooms painted in pleasant and relaxing earth tone colors. Parents can choose from half-day, extended-day, and full-day classes, as well as by-the-hour childcare after 3 pm for children enrolled in daycare. A video streaming system enables parents to keep an eye on their child via wi-fi.

Sanderling Waldorf School

Sanderling Waldorf School offers comprehensive and innovative programs for children ages 18 months through 8th grade. The Nursery/Kindergarten location in Carlsbad features a program focused on creative play, storytelling, circle time, and artistic activities. The Grades campus in Vista incorporates music, theater, dance, literature, and esoteric subjects that enhance a student’s experience. Waldorf education features community festivals inspired by festivals all over the world and specialty subject classes including eurythmy, gardening, woodworking, foreign languages, music, and games. Waldorf education also focuses on a reduction or elimination of electronic media use for children. After-school care is available for nursery and kindergarten students until 3:30 pm every school day. Sanderling Waldorf provides a tuition assistance program and payment plans for families.

Army and Navy Academy

Army and Navy Academy boarding school offers a college-preparatory curriculum for students grades seven to 12. Their academic curriculum is characterized by low student to teacher ratios, interactive lessons, individualized attention, and formal leadership training for boys. The military component of the curriculum reinforces structure, leadership, and responsibility. Cadet life offers a wide array of classes, after-school activities, athletics, arts, and clubs.

The Rhoades School

The Rhoades School is one of the only private schools in North County that caters to academically-gifted children in kindergarten through eighth grade. Their approach focuses on limited homework, personalized attention, and project-based learning. Students get to learn through discovery field trips, after-school enrichment programs, athletic programs, visual and performing arts, and a STEM program. Financial aid is available for families in need.

St. James Academy

St. James Academy is a private Catholic school that serves students in grades PreK-8. Their curriculum is centered around Catholic values and includes religious instruction, physical education, music education, extracurricular sports, Spanish classes, Honors classes, and interactive Smart Boards in every classroom.

Winston School

The Winston School offers an alternative to students who can’t thrive in a traditional school environment. Students can learn in a 5:1 teacher to student ratio and received personalized attention. The Winston School includes a strong digital media, music, drama, art, athletics, and summer program. Apart from their academic curriculum, The Winston School offers optional fee-based services including speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, tutoring, and more.

Sea Change Preparatory

Sea Change Preparatory is a private school serving students in grades four through 12. Their education program provides individualized education, a mindfulness program, and a world-class fitness program. Their mindfulness program features mindfulness meditation instruction, yoga instruction, and life management skill classes. Sea Change’s fitness program centers around ocean swimming to develop healthy routines and habits. With a 3:1 student-teacher ratio, students can learn better and get into the college of their choice. In fact, Sea Change boasts a 100% college acceptance rate. Sea Change has a scalable tuition models that helps families enroll students easily.

High Bluff Academy

High Bluff Academy offers an individualized approach to education for students in grades 9-12. Students can take advantage of award-winning tutoring services, test prep seminars, and an ESL learning program. Small class sizes enable students to ask and receive academic assistance.

Halstrom Academy Carlsbad

Halstrom Academy Carlsbad caters to students that thrive in a one-on-one teaching environment for grades six through 12. Whether students struggle with school, learning disabilities, or social anxiety, Halstrom education focuses on a flexible learning environment and a fully-customized learning plan. Halstrom is an ideal learning environment for students pursuing professional careers elsewhere, gifted students, and other students who have unique needs. The Carlsbad campus features spaces where students can socialize, relax, study, and express themselves.

Pacific Ridge School

Pacific Ridge School is a privately-owned school for grades 7-12. Their middle and high school curriculums incorporate one-on-one instruction, small-group discussion, as well as a robust college preparatory program. Pacific Ridge School offers athletics, arts, and STEAM classes including 3D design and printing, surfing, alternative energy sources, tiny house design, animation, and more. When school’s out, students can participate in summer and after-school extension programs including guitar, sewing, piano, vocal, woodworking, and science lessons. Students can bring their own lunch or purchase food at school from local catering company, Ki’s Restaurant. Tuition assistance and payment options are available.

Maranatha Christian Schools

Maranatha Christian Schools is a private Christian school for preschool through grade 12 students. Curriculums incorporate small class sizes, STEAM classes, an arts program, interscholastic sports, and a challenging academic program. Financial aid is available.

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