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200+ San Diego Breweries: Map + List + Filters

200+ San Diego Breweries: Map + List + Filters

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We all know that San Diego is a beer lover’s paradise. With over 150 craft, micro, and nano breweries and counting, San Diego County has seen an explosion of breweries and tasting rooms, especially along North County’s “Hops Highway.” But others are cropping up throughout San Diego’s 4,500 square mile region, even as far as the small, mountainside town of Alpine.

Every few months, a new (or somewhat familiar) name comes on the scene. Either an experienced brewer decides to take a chance and breaks out on their own or an intrepid home brewer takes a hobby-turned-passion and decides to go pro.

You can spend all year, hopping around, tasting new varieties, and never get bored. Is that a challenge? Maybe. If you’re up for it, here are all the breweries in San Diego. Go forth and taste!

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Culture Brewing Co. - Tasting Room

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