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100+ San Diego Wineries

100+ San Diego Wineries

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San Diego County would never be described as part of “wine country,” but perhaps it should. With over 100 wineries and/or vineyards (yes, 100!) throughout the county, though, it would take some serious dedication to try out all that the area has to offer in this sphere.

A year-round climate of sunshine makes San Diego fertile ground (literally and figuratively) for those in the winery and the vineyard business. The county’s geographical proximity to Temecula ValleyNapa Valley, and Baja California’s wine country down in Mexico also helps to make it a prime location for wine enthusiasts and novices alike. Highland Valley Wine Country, one could say fairly, is at least a mini-Temecula or Napa, a chance to experience some of what those tourist destinations have to offer in the state’s most southwestern county over in Escondido. Pretty much the same could be said of both Ramona Valley and the Wineries on Highway 94.

Many of San Diego County’s wineries sit in fairly close proximity to one another, so touring up to several in one full day is a realistic goal. Of course, you probably need your own car to do so. But if a chauffeured wine tour is more your speed, there are several local companies that can take care of the driving for you (Uber + Lyft can assist as well).

Our revamped map and user-friendly guide with filters should help you find the right winery or wineries, for yourself and your friends and family. Enjoy and don’t forget: San Diego County is wine country, even if we’re too modest sometimes to say that to your friends!

Domaine Artefact Vineyard & Winery

Domaine Artefact Vineyard & Winery is a peaceful venue overlooking Escondido’s San Pasqual Valley pours its premier Rhône wines with exceptionally friendly service. Flush with cozy and rustic seating areas and a charming outdoor tasting area, Domaine welcomes guest for wine tasting, picnicking, and vineyard garden strolling.

It’s also situated along what’s known as Highland Valley Wine Country, a mecca for wineries, with several others sitting along that road nearby. So make a day of it and check out a few of them while you’re out there. Sitting near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Domaine’s location also makes it a good place to pair the duo together for an afternoon outing. What’s in a name? Domaine’s website has the answer there. The name “pays homage to the estates of Southern France and honors the Kumeyaay artifacts once found throughout the property,” explains Domaine Artefact’s website. “These Native American artifacts have since been curated and now reside in the World Museum of Natural History in San Bernardino, CA.”

Ask the owner, Lynn, to show you her horses if she’s not too busy. Dog-friendly, happy, and zen, Domaine is a stand-out in the Escondido wine region and a lovely place to wile away an afternoon. And if you’re a true wino, join the Domaine Wine Club, which includes 20-percent discounts twice per year on up to six bottles of wine and an overall 15-percent discount rate year-round. Also, a dozen times per year, you get complimentary wine tastings.

Follow Domaine Artefact on Facebook to stay tuned for upcoming events and company updates.

Koi Zen Cellars

Located in the most northeastern chunk of San Diego proper near Poway, Koi Zen Cellars acts as many things at once. This includes a private event space, an art gallery, a tour-giver, a winery and a place for $10 wine tastings of five to six types of wines. One thing it is not: a vineyard. But the fact it’s located right within a business park makes it unique in of itself in the world of wineries.

Follow Koi Zen Cellars on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on the latest events and company news.

Poppaea Vineyard

Named for the Roman princess Poppaea, the 6.4 acre Poppea Vineyard has a scenic tasting room with views facing Mount Woodson. There are also two other outdoor seating areas and a food menu, with the winery and vineyard also offering a wine club for its loyal supporters.

Poppaea Vineyard’s tasting room offers seven different wine choices. There are also two winery tours available, one more technical in nature which takes 30 minutes and another more basic version which takes 15 minutes.

Sunshine Mountain Vineyards

Sunshine Mountain Vineyard is located on a hilltop boasting a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. As its website tells you, the vineyard stores its wines in three earthen caves dug out from the mountain that is holding 100-plus oak barrel wines. Try Cabs, Syrahs, and more.

Visit with the family because adults can sit back and enjoy a glass of wine in the tasting room, while kids and dogs roam. Complimentary cheese and crackers are available and reportedly, so are hot dogs and hamburgers. A round of wine tastings in the tasting room only costs $15 for eight different wines.

If you love Sunshine’s wine, you’re in luck, as the winery has a wine club. Club membership includes discounted rates on four wine bottle purchases per quarter, as well as 15-percent off of wine bottles and 20-percent off cases of wine, which come in packs of 12. Sunshine also does shipping of wine and online orders.

Follow Sunshine Mountain on Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date information about the company.

Lenora Winery

Lenora Winery is one of a slew of wineries in Ramona Valley’s wine country.

“Lenora Winery provides a unique, relaxing in-the-vineyard wine tasting experience you and your guests will enjoy and remember,” Lenora highlights on its website. “With almost ten acres, five of which are planted in winegrape vines, Lenora Winery has plenty of parking. Our covered wine tasting room easily accommodates 20-seated people with additional wine tasting in our adjacent outdoor grape arbor where we can seat up to another 46 people.”

The company’s 16 wine choices can also be purchased online and big fans of Lenora’s wine can join its wine club. For more, follow the Lenora Winery on Facebook.

Rock Canyon Vineyards

Sitting at an altitude of 3,000-feet, Rock Canyon Vineyards specializes in the production of red wines. Open to tours and tastings via appointment, the company describes its motto this way on its website:

Our philosophy is to provide consumers with a quality, handcrafted wine. Although we grow several varieties, we strive to find old vine(mature) grapes throughout Southern California, to bring to you a mature, full bodied, delicious wine. We are considered a “Boutique or Cult Winery” due to our small size. With a small operation comes higher quality control, more attention to detail and a genuine love in the making of our wines.

Rock Canyon has nine different wines in the offering, an art gallery and rescue donkeys (you read that correctly!) on site. For more, follow the company on Facebook

Volcan Mountain Winery

Based in Julian, a town most famous for being the site of a gold rush long ago, Volcan Mountain Winery is named as such because it sits at the foot of, yes, the Volcan Mountain. For a sake of explaining its gorgeous location, at its peak, the Volcan Mountain stands at 5,353 feet at its summit.

The winery features private events and weddings, has an outdoor patio with a view and also has an apple orchard. Currently, 16 different wines adorn the winery’s menu and it also has a wine club for its biggest fans. The club offers its members three wines per quarter and discounted wine bottle prices, as well as complimentary wine tastings. 

To learn more, head on over to Volcan Mountain Winery’s Facebook page.

Négociant Winery

Located in North Park which is, you guessed it, north of Balboa Park, Négociant Winery serves up five different wines, all of which can be purchased online or of course at the winery. Négociant can also serve as a wedding venue or private event venue for up to 225 people. Not sure it’s your spot? Check out the online virtual tour to see what it’s like on the inside.

If you like what you taste while at Négociant, join its wine club, which earns members different plans for different prices, which include wine shipments and wine bottle discounts, as well as monthly wine tastings. For more on all of the latest going on at the winery, follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Gianni Buonomo

Located in Ocean Beach, Gianni Buonomo is San Diego proper’s winery sitting in closest proximity to the Pacific Ocean.  With many different wines on its menu sourced from Washington state and California, Gianni Buonomo also has weekly food events on Friday evenings, bringing in chefs to serve up pizza, other Italian foods, Spanish cuisine and other palate pleasers.

What’s in a name, you ask?

“In Italian, buon uomo means good man. The legend of Gianni Buonomo hails from a small village in the Piemonte region of Italy,” explains the winery’s website. “Gianni Buonomo is the consummate gentleman. He always carries himself with an elegant flair and a noble sense of style…With a little training, anyone can spot a Gianni Buonomo. With a little more effort, anyone can be a Gianni Buonomo. Gianni Buonomo wines are crafted to express the same elegance, distinction and sophistication as the man himself.”

For either $12 or $15, visitors of the Gianni Buonomo tasting room can get a four-taste or six-taste flight of wines. Have a dog? Dogs, too, are invited into the tasting room. So too are well-behaved children.

Winery tours are also available with the wine-maker at Gianni Buonomo, by appointment, for a cost of $25. If you really love what you taste and experience at the winery, Gianni Buonomo’s wine club might be a good option for you to keep up with the latest wines on the docket, getting wines delivered to your home, and buying the company’s wine at a discounted rate. Online purchases, too, are available at Gianni Buonomo.

Keep up with all of the latest company news and its events over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

chuparosa VINEYARDS

Located in far northern San Diego County and sitting on 5.5 acres of land, chuparosa VINEYARDS does online orders for its seven different wines and has a scenic tasting room outdoor patio. Chuparosa, as the company website explains, means “hummingbird” in Spanish or as “one who flies from person to person stealing kisses.”

Follow chuparosa VINEYARDS on Facebook for the latest company news and join its email list if you’d like that news to come straight to your inbox, too.

Keys Creek Winery

Sip Sangiovese, Zinfandel, and Muscat Blanc in the oak-shaded tasting area tucked in the northern hills of Escondido. Picnics are also welcome. The tasting fee is $15, but for each bottle purchased, the tasting fee is waived.

Keys Creek enthusiasts can become wine club members, getting 25-percent discounts on all wines and up to six tastings per quarter alongside a friend. Members generally receive two shipments per year of up to three bottles at a price ranging from $65-$99 for each shipment. Keep up with the latest news on Keys Creek over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Highland Valley Vineyards

Highland Valley Vineyards, a boutique micro-winery sits atop a hill overlooking Escondido’s Highland Valley. Its vineyards produce Bordeauxs and award-winning full-bodied red wines. Established as a home-vine project, owners Ray and Jeannine acquired the vineyard land in 2007, planted vines, and built a craftsman-style tasting room.

Highland Valley’s production includes wines with 25% of the fruit grown in its estate vineyards, 50% produced with grapes sourced in San Diego County, and the rest crafted from premier California vineyards. Visit and taste Cabs, Malbecs, Merlots, and more reds. Tastings, held in the working winery, are available Saturday and Sunday (with posted exceptions), noon to six (five pm in winter), for walks-ins, with no appointment necessary. Take a seat on the patio, get gobsmacked at the views, and taste, taste, taste away. Note that the winery allows you to bring snacks and picnic lunches.

If you love your sojourn to Highland Valley Vineyards, you’ll probably like the wine club it offers for members too. Club members receive three wine shipments per year, 20-percent discounts on wine purchases, and invitations to club-only events and special release tastings. For more up to date information, follow the company on Facebook and Instagram. or sign up for the Highland Valley Vineyard email list.

Estate d'Iacobelli

Estate d’Iacobelli, located in Fallbrook, CA, has an Italian name and that’s no accident. Ronei Iacobelli’s grandfather is from Casalvieri, a town in Italy. 

Situated on a 15-acre piece of land, the Estate doubles as a tasting room and a vineyard, while also maintaining a wine club for its biggest fans for a fee of $78 per year. Club members get 20-percent off of all purchases and three bottles shipped, four times per year, as well as two wine glasses and invitations to exclusive special events.

Come every other Saturday, too, for the live music. And stay for the great wine and scenery.

Really love your time at the facility? Ronei Iacobelli and his wife actually keep two rooms open on AirBnB for $462 per night. The house features a pool, two miles of walking trails and two guest bedrooms outfitted with a 50-inch TV and a 42-inch TV. For all of the latest news about Estate d’Iacobelli, follow the company on social media on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Harbour Farm & Vineyard

As the name implies, Harbour Farm & Vineyard is not only a winery and vineyard. It’s also a farm and has a scenic outdoor patio and tasting room.

Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date information about it and bookmark its calendar of events.

Cactus Star Vineyard

Closed for now, Cactus Star Vineyard will open back up in October. The award-winning Cactus Star doubles as a vineyard and winery, producing four different wines on its docket.

Follow the company on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest goings-on.

Roadrunner Ridge Winery

Out of the fire of Rocky Hill Vineyard, quite literally, came Roadrunner Ridge Winery.

“Rocky Hill Vineyard was created when our business, Rusty Acres Herb Farm was forced to close down due to the wild fires in October of 2007,” the company explains. “We lost our nursery plants due to lack of water during the 6-day evacuation. We decided to try our hand at growing grapes in early 2007.”

Offering 17 wines, Roadrunner maintains a wine club, where you get four bottles, twice will per year and 20-percent off on all purchases, plus free wine tastings.

Follow the company on social media on Facebook for updates on events, offerings, and great photos of the vineyard.

Deer Park Winery & Auto Museum

Featuring a slew of wines, Deer Park Winery & Auto Museum triples as a winery, a vintage automobile museum and a massive collection of historical Barbie memorabilia. 

As Destination Guide San Diego unpacks, Deer Park Winery also has a food menu and offers wine tastings on the cheap.

“The small-production winery releases just 1,000 cases per year, including a Cabernet Sauvignon, Fumè Blush, Petite Sirah, and a Zinfandel,” the website details. “Visitors can sample two tastings for free, and for $5, can taste all featured wines and keep the souvenir glass. A deli is also on site, and visitors are welcome to purchase food and to picnic next to the family’s vineyards, with their beautiful view of Escondido’s gently sloping hills.”

So, come for the wine at Deer Park Winery, but of course, stay for everything else it has to offer!

Witch Creek

Witch Creek boasts a list of award-winning wines produced at their winery located just a block away from the beach in Carlsbad Village and a few minutes walking away from the Carlsbad Village North County Coaster train line station. Witch Creek produces small lots, using traditional techniques with grapes sourced from outside the winery. The wines have earned prestigious recognition from the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition and the Orange County Wine Competition, while guests rave about the reasonably-priced tastings and red wines. Expect to taste harder to find domestically-produced varietals, such as Nebbiolo, Teroldego and Montepulciano at Witch Crek, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other more common varietals.

Those who become Cellar Club members, for a price of $60-$100 per month per month, gain access to booking privileges for Witch Creek’s private room. They also get two bottles of wine per month, 20-percent off of all bottles purchased, and access to free tastings of wine on a weekly basis, among other things. Follow Wine Creek on Facebook and Instagram for more.

La Finquita Winery & Vineyard

Located upon eight acres of land, La Finquita Winery & Vineyard, the facility also has a wine cave and tasting room. The company has 14 wines available for tasting and purchase, charging an average of $8-$10 per glass and mostly $30-$35 per bottle. In case you were wondering, “La Finquita” is Spanish for “the little farm.”

If you love La Finquita’s wines, join its wine club, which earns you two bottles shipped to you, four times per year free of an overhead annual membership charge. And follow La Finquita on Twitter and Instagram for all of the latest company news. 

Brooking Vineyards

Call ahead to this family owned vineyard for an educational tour and tasting the Brooking Vinyard’s Port and Sherry style wines. The tour lasts up to two hours and you’ll learn all about our county’s rich wine history and how Brooking Vineyards uses Old World winemaking techniques to produce its award-winning vino. Finish with a wine-tasting on the patio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. What could be better than that?

For huge fans of Brooking Vineyard, the company offers a wine club, with members receiving a 20-percent discount on all wine, plus an opportunity to purchase wines not available to the masses. Invitations to special events, for members, are also in the mix. Membership in the club is free, provided you pay for three shipments of two bottles each year, or six in total.

And even for non-members who just love the wine but don’t necessarily want to make the trip back to Brooking, the company has online ordering.

For up to date information on Brooking, follow the company on Facebook.

Hellanback Ranch Vineyards and Winery

The name is no accident. Indeed, it’s supposed to sound like “Hell and Back,” the owners say on the website for Hellanback Ranch Vineyards and Winery. Hellanback serves up close to ten different wines on its 50-acre ranch property.

In its tasting room, Hellanback offers a $10.00 deal for tastings of six different products and one complimentary tasting per each bottle of wine purchased. The company offers mostly red wines, but makes “white wines available from May until they are sold out,”Hellanback says on its website.

For the latest news on Hellanback Ranch Vineyards and Winery, head on over to Facebook and Twitter.

Highland Hills Vineyard and Winery

Opening for business in 2007, Highland Hills Vineyard and Winery opens its tasting room every weekend, as well as its scenic tasting patio. A wine tasting appointment and tour costs $20 and can be booked online.

If you really like Highland Hills Vineyard’s offerings, join its club for free, featuring 20-percent off of all bottle purchases, free wine tastings, exclusive member events and first access to new wines.

Head on over to Facebook to “like” the company’s page and follow it on Instagram for company updates as they occur. Or sign up for the email list for the news to come straight to your inbox.

Orizaba Winery

Orizaba Winery does not have a tasting room and due to its size, keeps itself closed to the public. But its wine is on sale at Major Market grocery store in Fallbrook.

Holme Estate Cellars

Located in the heart of downtown Oceanside just blocks from the Coaster train station, Holme Estate Cellars has eight different types of wine in stock which it manufactures, plus a tasting room, art gallery, online purchasing and membership-based wine club. Oh, and art hanging inside of its walls.

Wine tasting is $15 to try three different wines. Holme Estate also has a food menu, including cheese, meat and crackers platters, as well as lobster tacos, chicken and burgers.

Given its downtown Oceanside locale, obviously, the wine at Holme Estate Cellars is not produced on-site. Rather, the products which make its wine are sourced from both Australia and other parts of California, its website details.

Joining the wine club at Holme Estate Cellars earns its members myriad perks, including 20-percent off all bottle purchases, first access to new releases, two complimentary tastings and cheese platters per month, for a range of $60-$120 per year. Members get, in addition to those perks, two to four bottles of Holme Estate-produced wine per year, which can be picked up either in the store or shipped, both for the same charge.

Follow the company on Twitter to learn more about day-to-day developments at the Holme Estate.

Belle Marie Winery

Belle Marie Winery is many things at once. A winery, of course, but also a private events venue, a place where you can host a wedding, a place to host a picnic and a fun place to bring your kids and dogs, if you’d like. Come for the wine, but stay for all it has to offer, including a full catering menu and intricately designed interior rooms.

A wine club membership can be part of the Belle Marie experience, too. Free to join, members get shipments four times per year of three bottles of Belle Marie-produced vino. Every shipment runs you just $59. Members also get exclusive access tastings to new wines, complimentary wine tastings and up to two guests who visit the tasting room with you.

Check out Belle Marie’s Facebook page for all of the latest information about the company.

Granite Lion Cellars

You can’t get much further east than this in San Diego County, but before you cross out of it, check out Granite Lion Cellars in Jamul.  Granite Lion has won several awards for its wines and houses a large vineyard, winery and a tasting room at its Jamul facility. Granite Lion produces well over a dozen different wines.

Love what you consume in the tasting room? You’re in luck, as Granite Lion has a wine club for dues-paying members, who receive 20-percent off of all bottle orders, as well as three bottles shipped four times per year.

Granite Lion sits as one of five wineries on historic Highway 94, a pact of wineries which have created a mutual bond to promote what they have to offer via a website and radio advertising campaign

Follow Granite Lion Cellars on Facebook for all of the latest news about the company as it develops, or simply join its email newsletter list.

Hungry Hawk Vineyards

Hungry Hawk Vineyards may sit unassumingly off the road, but there’s nothing forgettable about its location or its wines. Taste one of Hungry Hawk’s over a dozen wine choices on its patio with its sweeping views of the San Pasqual Valley. Hungry Hawk grows 15 varietals in its estate vineyard and has a solid roster of fans who love its reds in particular – and who don’t want word of the winery to spread. Several of its wines sell out like its 2014 Cab Franc, but try the 2017 San Francisco Chronicle Silver Medal Winner, the 2015 Grenache.

Wine tastings happen on the weekends ($12 for five tastings), but appointment-only tastings ($22 per person gets you a winemaker-led tour and five tastings) are also available. Young children are welcome if closely supervised, and picnic lunches are encouraged. Real enthusiasts can join Hungry Hawk’s wine club or shop online for their favorite wines. Follow along for business developments over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dulzura Vineyard and Winery

Located along Highway 94, Dulzura Vineyard and Winery has a unique history, formerly serving as a ranch dating back to 1885, with the building standing as one of the few surviving edifices from that era of southern California homesteading.

Dulzura sits as one of five wineries on historic Highway 94, a pact of wineries which have created a mutual bond to promote what they have to offer via a website and radio advertising campaign.

Campo Creek Vineyards

Campo Creek Vineyards has two sites: a tasting room location in Poway and a full-fledged vineyard in Campo, CA. It offers ten different wine choices and an online shopping option.

“Located in the beautiful mountains of East County San Diego, Campo Creek Vineyards specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Viognier Wines,” details the Campo Creek Vineyards website. “Since its origin in 2003, Campo Creek Vineyards has expanded to approximately 10,000 grape vines and become one of the largest vineyards in San Diego’s mountain region where our wine grapes thrive in the long, warm days of Southern California.”

Campo Creek Vineyards in Campo sits as one of five wineries on historic Highway 94, a pact of wineries which have created a mutual bond to promote what they have to offer via a website and radio advertising campaign.

For more, follow Campo Creek Vineyards on Facebook.

Castelli Family Vineyards

Castelli Family Vineyards, located in the far northeastern quadrant of San Diego County, is a gem worth driving to if you love wine. With 15 wines offered up, Castelli is a combination of a vineyard, tasting room and a wine club.

Follow Castelli on Facebook for up to date news on the company or join its email list for regular updates sent straight to your inbox. Join its wine club, too, if you love the wine. With membership, you receive no member dues, 20-percent off of all wines, $6 wine tastings, and three bottles of wine quarterly (which, yes, you do pay for).

Deerhorn Valley Vineyards

Deerhorn Valley Vineyards is located in east county, San Diego in the town of Jamul, and allows visitors to come picnic in its vineyard.

“Simply put, we are a family run boutique winery, nestled in the foothills of San Diego’s east county,” Deerhorn details of itself on its website. “We grow our own grapes, maintaining the vineyard ourselves.”

Deerhorn sits as one of six wineries on historic Highway 94, a pact of wineries which have created a mutual bond to promote what they have to offer via a website and radio advertising campaign.

Come do wine tasting for $8 at Deerhorn, which sources 90-percent of its own grapes from within San Diego County. For up to date information about Deerhorn Valley Vineyards, follow the company on Facebook.

Casi Cielo Winery at Maness Vineyards

Casi Cielo Winery at Maness Vineyards sits as one of three wineries in Jamul, a township located in the far eastern pocket of San Diego County. The winery and vineyards features wine tastings for a range of $10 for six wine samples and crackers or $15 for six wines crackers, vineyard-produced jelly, cheese and Ghiradelli chocolate.

“Casi Cielo is a sprawling mountain top estate built in the adobe hacienda style overlooking the 4 acre farm, vineyards and beautiful San Diego vistas,” the company explains on its website. “We are a family owned and operated farm and winery that specializes in unique handcrafted products including traditional red, white and rose wines and our newest addition, Kickass Fruit wines.”

Casi Cielo Winery sits as one of five wineries on historic Highway 94, a pact of wineries which have created a mutual bond to promote what they have to offer via a website and radio advertising campaign.

Follow the company’s latest news on social media over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or join its email list for the latest news delivered straight to your inbox.

Vino Urbano

Vino Urbano may sit as the winery situated closest to the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego County. Located in San Diego proper near Otay Mesa and in close proximity to Pacific Friendship Park, the Vino Urbano has a tasting room which has views of Mexico.

“Our wine styles are influenced by both California and Baja Mexico,” Vino Urbano states on its website. “Wines will be artisanal small production lots sure to please any palate.”

At the Vino Urbano tasting room, you can try four of its nine wine flavor choices for $8. If you like what you taste when you go, but don’t necessarily want to make another trek down to the U.S.-Mexico border, Vino Urbano takes online orders.

Keep informed on the latest events and announcements for the award-winning Vino Urbano over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or simply sign up for its email newsletter.

Schwaesdall Winery

Schwaesdall Winery sits as one of several wineries in the wine mecca that is Ramona, CA, located in northeast San Diego County. It features over a dozen different wine choices and a tasting room in which to give them a try, which allows visitors to try six different wines for $10.

What’s behind the name? The company’s website explains. 

“John Schwaesdall, a San Diego native, started making wine from some of the old vineyards in Ramona that were planted in 1950’s,” the winery’s website details. “He since has planted 4 1/2 acres of various red and white wine grapes. The vineyard lies among gigantic granite boulders that are found predominately in the Ramona/Mt. Woodson area of San Diego.”

Throughout the summer, Schwaesdall will have weekend music events, so if you like music with your wine, follow the calendar of performances and pick one up your ally.

Follow Schwaesdall Winery on Facebook for company updates.

Eagles Nest Winery & Cottage

Eagles Nest Winery & Cottage is located in Ramona’s wine country and has 15 different wines it regularly offers in-house. It lists prominently that it’s a dog-friendly locale, so bring along your furry friend on your visit to the Eagles Nest! With a patio and tasting room to try out Eagles Nest’s wines and a nice view in the Ramona wine valley to boot, the experience should be an enjoyable one.

Visitors of the Eagles Nest can receive a five wine tasting for $10, with other options available for tasting enthusiasts, too. As the name implies, it’s not just a winery, but a cottage in which guests can stay for the night for a fee.

“Envisioned as luxury vacation home venue for a romantic or private getaway for couples and wine lovers, Eagles Nest Cottage provides breathtaking views combined with high-end amenities that range from the selected antique furnishings, to the natural stone finished bath with oversized heated Jacuzzi tub, and a premium full-sized gourmet stainless and granite kitchen,” the Eagles Nest website explains.

If interested in staying overnight, call to make a reservation.

Follow the company on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Woof'n Rose Winery

Situated in Ramona wine valley country, Woof’n Rose Winery is a multiple award-winning locale with a scenic view overlooking both the valley and nearby mountains. As its website explains, most of the grapes which help produce Woof’n Rose’s 11 wines are grown on site.

“Annual production is 300 to 350 cases per year,” the company lays out on its website’s homepage. “The specialty is Cabernet Franc, but the small vineyards also include all of the other classic Bordeaux varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot, as well as Grenache Noir and Alicante Bouschet.”

Woof’n Rose offers a tasting room and outdoor seating area with a view of both the valley and mountains.

For more and up to date information about the company, head on over to its Facebook page.

Espinosa Vineyards

The land on which Espinosa Vineyards sits first welcomed grapes in 1893 before being converted to a commercial winery more than 40 years later. That winery burned to the ground in the 2007 wildfires and owner Roberto Espinosa replanted his vines a year later.

Espinosa pours limited-production red and white wines made from grapes which are native to Spain and grown at the Escondido vineyard. Espinosa is small, charming, and perfect for oenophiles who love to hear the stories behind the wines. Schedule your tastes and enjoy Espinosa’s selections ranging from a 2014 Reserve Especial Red to a 2015 Estate Garnacha. Of note is that many reviewers consistently compare the wines to Napa selections.

It’s also important to note: Espinosa doesn’t serve food. So plan accordingly and maybe head out to one of the many restaurants in downtown Escondido. It’s $10 per tasting and appointments can be made Monday through Thursday.

It’s also situated along what’s known as Highland Valley Wine Country, a mecca for wineries, with several others sitting along that road nearby. So make a day of it and check out a few of them while you’re out there. Sitting near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Espinosa’s location also makes it a good place to pair the duo together for an afternoon outing. Follow the winery and vineyard over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Cheval Winery

A new kid on the block, Cheval Winery opens for business on April 15. Though it has yet to open, Cheval is already taking online orders on its nine different in-house wine choices.

For more, as the company launches, follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Principe di Tricase Winery

Located along the Highland Valley Road vineyard corridor, Principe di Tricase Winery sits as a winery and four-acre vineyard which allows for food orders to ship to the premises via the website and also opens its doors for those wanting to picnic. The award-winning Principe di Tricase offers 30 different wine choices, a plethora, to say the least.

If you buy a bottle of wine, then a tasting is yours free of charge and on the house. Otherwise, tastings can range from $10-$25 per flight, depending on what you’re trying and how many tastings you get in the flight.

If you really enjoy what you taste at Principe di Tricase Winery, join its wine club for fees ranging from $35-$87 per month for a range of one to three bottles of wine per month shipped to your home, plus a slew of benefits and discounts on purchases and wine tastings. If you’re not ready for that financial commitment or just don’t drink wine with that much regularity, there’s also the option of online purchasing of 17 different Principe di Tricase wines.

Looking for more and up to date information? Head on over to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery

Turtle Rock Ridge Vineyard Winery, located in the heart of Ramona Valley, offering up tours of its vineyard and a tasting room experience for visitors. Turtle Rock Ridge has 10 different wines and charges $10 to taste its array of vino.

Learn more about Turtle Rock Ridge’s offerings on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Fallbrook Winery

Fallbrook Winery specialized in champagne production through the late 1980s though it was replanted in the mid-1990s with Bordeaux varietals (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot and Malbec) and then later with Syrah, Grenache, Sangiovese and Sauvignon Blac. Some grapes are sourced also from other regions in California. Fallbrook has 18 different wines available for purchase.

Due to location and staffing limitations, you must call the winery in advance to make an appointment or book a tour. It’s worth gathering a group together to sample these award-winning wines in a picturesque setting. Many vote this as their favorite San Diego winery.

Love Fallbrook’s wine? Join the club! Members receive quarterly wine shipments, in batches of three to six bottle packages. This includes some wines released only for club members.

For more up to date news on Fallbrook Winery, follow the company on Instagram and Facebook.

Edwards Vineyard & Cellars

Placed in the heart of Ramona Valley wine country territory, Edwards Vineyard & Cellars has eight wines on tap and an $8 wine tasting cost to try a handful of them, plus $10 per glass of wine purchased onsite. Edwards gives visitors the chance to try out the wines on its scenic outdoor patio.

While online shopping is not an option, several stores throughout San Diego County sell Edwards Vineyard’s wines, including The Wine Connection in Del Mar, Vintage Wines in San Diego proper and elsewhere.

For more, check out the latest updates for Edwards Vineyard & Cellars on Facebook.

  • Hours: Saturday-Sunday, 11:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • 26502 CA-78, Ramona, CA 92065
  • More Information

Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery

Based in Ramona Valley’s wine country territory, the award-winning Hatfield Creek Vineyards & Winery has a tasting room, is a large vineyard and has eight different wines produced and sold in stock which can be purchased in-store or online.

If you like what you taste while on site at Hatfield Creek Vineyards, join its wine club, which gets members several perks and wine bottles shipped to their homes per year.

Follow Hatfield Creek Vineyards both via the company’s email newsletter and Facebook. And look for the company’s wines in 17 different stores throughout San Diego County.

Pamo Valley Winery

Located just outside of Ramona’s main downtown drag, Pamo Valley Winery differs from most places in the area in that it’s not a vineyard, but just a winery and one which is not open to the public. But don’t let that deter you from visiting, as Pamo Valley’s tasting room has much to offer.

Pamo Valley Winery has both indoor and outdoor seating for its tasting room and opens its facility for private events for a $50 per hour charge. Wine tasting charges range from $8 for four to six tastes for $10. The company also has a wine club for its most loyal fans, so sign up if you like what you taste while there.

For more Pamo Valley news, head on over to the company’s Facebook page.

Ramona Ranch Vineyard

The award-winning Ramona Ranch Vineyard, situated in Ramona Valley’s prolific wine fields, triples as a winery, vineyard and farm. Quadruples, one could say, if you could its beautiful valley views as among its top assets. Nine wines are on the menu at Ramona Valley and tastings are on the docket, featuring wine by the glass from $8-$10, flights of three 3-ounce wines for $15, or five single ounce pours for $10 and six for $12.

If you’re craving Ramona Ranch’s wine in the future after a visit, but don’t feel like driving all the way back to the vineyward? Not to worry: buy the wine online and have it shipped to your home.

Joining the wine club at Ramona Ranch Vineyard gets members, free of charge as it relates to annual dues, 20-percent off of all bottle purchases, five wine tastings during every visit or two free five-ounce glasses of wine, free shipping if you live outside of San Diego County for your four times per year wine bottle shipments and exclusive access to club events.

To stay up to date with all everything going on at the Ranch Vineyard, sign up for its email newsletter or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Kohill Vineyard & Winery

A tasting room, a wine club, winery and a vineyard. Kohill Vinyard & Winery is all of these things and more. Located in the Romana Valley, Kohill sits in the midst of a wide array vineyards and wineries. It also has an outdoor seating area facing the beautiful wine valley region, not a bad way to try one of Kohill’s nine wines.

The wine club at Kohill, free of charge to join, includes plans for either six bottle shipments per year or 12 per year. Members also get a 20-percent discount on all wine purchase. as well as invitiations to members-only exclusive events.

For more and updates on Kohill Vineyard & Winery, check out its Facebook and Twitter.

Cordiano Winery

This fabulous winery is sort of a hidden gem. Time at Cordiano Winery is much like being welcomed into someone’s home, as it’s family-owned and operated. Go for the large selection of wines, but make stay to indulge in wood-fired pizza and breadsticks, while you’re at it. Owners Gerardo and Rosa move to San Diego in 1991 and opened up an Italian restaurant in Rancho Bernardo called Leonardo’s. Family recipes graced the menus and the restaurant’s success resulted in several more sister restaurant openings around town. Gerardo spent his youth in Italy working vines and in 2002 decided eventually to revert to his love of winemaking. Cordiano Winery was born.

Wine tastings on the terrace amid panoramic views happen from Wednesday through Sunday, with Cordiano closed on Monday and Tuesday. Get a full tasting flight including seven varieties for $12 and you get to keep the glass. You’ll find mostly reds like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo here though guests rave about the Moscato. Coridano is also available for private events ranging from tastings to weddings. It’s also situated along what’s known as Highland Valley Wine Country, a mecca for wineries, with several others sitting along that road nearby.

So make a day of it and check out a few of them while you’re out there. Sitting near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Cordiano’s location also makes it a good place to pair the duo together for an afternoon outing. Follow the winery on social media at Facebook and Instagram.

Vineyard Grant James

Vineyard Saint James is one of the myriad of wineries and vineyards in Ramona Valley. On the first friday of every month, the Vineyard has a happy hour from 4:00 PM-6:00 PM.  The eight different winws on the menu at Vineyard Saint James can be purchased either on-site or online.

If you like what you taste after your visit, join the Vineyard Saint James’ wine club. Members get 20-percent off of all purchases, 50-percent off of all wine tastings, four wine shipments per year, a wine club first Saturday happy hour every month from 4:00-6:00 PM and invtigations to special members-only events. 

For more, follow Vineyard Grant James on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or sign up for its email newsletter.

Beach House Winery

Beach House Winery features ocean views and produces high quality, 10 different handcrafted wines such as Viognier, Petite Syrah, Cabernet, Merlot, Zinfandel, and more. What’s in a name? The business started out of the beach house of the two owners, George and Kim Murray.

If you enjoy Beach House’s wines after a visit, the winery offers enthusiasts a chance to join the wine club, wherein members receive quarterly shipments of two bottles of wine. Each shipment runs a cost of $40-$65, according to the company’s website. Club members also get 20-percent off of other purchases, as well as 10-percent off of Beach House merchandise and exclusive access to company events and wines. There’s also no membership fees for joining, so why not join, right? 

For more, follow the company on social media over on Instagram and Twitter.

Hawk Watch Winery

Hawk Watch Winery is located just about as far northeast in San Diego County as one can get, not far from Mount Palomar and just down the road, really, from wine valley in Temecula. You may not have ever heard of Warner Springs, familiarize yourself with it, if for no other reason than the fact it has a few wineries and vineyards.

Summer at Hawk Watch Winery features once per month concerts on Saturday nights and a slew of other events, including dog nights out on Memorial Day and Labor Day. It also serves up 13 different wines, a baker’s dozen of deliciousness. Bring in your dog, too, but make sure to put him or her on a leash.

Enjoy what you tasted during your visit to Hawk Watch Winery? Join the wine club for discounts and quarterly wine shipments.

Sierra Roble Winery and Vineyard

Sierra Roble Winery and Vineyard, situated in Warner Springs in the far northeast corner of San Diego County, is one of several wineries and vineyards in the town. The winery and vineyard has ten wines on its menu, as well as a wine club for Sierra Roble vino enthusiasts.

Follow Sierra Roble Winery and Vineyard on Facebook for day-to-day updates about the company.

Emerald Creek Winery

Located at the foot of Mount Palomar and on the northeast edge of San Diego County, the 750+ acre Emerald Creek Winery’s location is a gem if you like good views. And if you somehow don’t like good views, the good wine which can be enjoyed in the 5,000 square foot tasting room might help you get through the experience, nonetheless!

The 24 wines produced by Emerald Creek can be purchased online, too, if you don’t have time or wherewithal to make the long slog to Warner Springs, though a trip to the area could easily be coupled with a trip to Mount Polomar or Temecula Valley. Before you buy, try out some wine samples in the tasting room, costing $12 for a flight of six wines.

Follow Emerald Creek on Facebook to keep up to date with company developments and bookmark the events calendar for ongoings, such as concerts. Emerald Creek can also be booked for private events and weddings.

Shadow Mountain Vineyards

As the name implies, Shadow Mountain Vineyards sits in the shadow of mountains. Or in his case, in the shadow of Mount Palomar in the northeast segment of San Diego County. Shadow Mountain Vineyards wears many hats at once, including as an overlight lodging center.

‘Along with the winery, visitor center and tasting room, the vineyard estate also features a special event facility for small to medium size groups,” explains the Shadow Mountain website. “They also have cottages on the vineyard estate, which you can stay in for $125.00 per night.”

Shadow Mountain has 18 different wines on its menu and a wine club for enthusiasts.

Altipiano Vineyard

Altipiano Vineyard provides an intimate experience in which owners Peter and Denise personally take you through the vineyard and wines by appointment. The vineyard is situated around their Tuscan Villa and tasting room. A new crush facility was also recently completed and is also available for touring by appointment. Here, guests find mostly reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Merlot. Guests rave also about their Rose. Sip from a lovely private patio overlooking the vines.

It’s OK to bring a picnic, too. They even have llamas on the property. It’s also situated along what’s known as Highland Valley Wine Country, a mecca for wineries, with several others sitting along that road nearby. So make a day of it and check out a few of them while you’re out there.

Sitting near the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, Altipiano’s location also makes it a good place to pair the duo together for an afternoon outing. Altipiano also has a Wine Club, membership in which land those in the exclusive club a slew of discounts. Follow the business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and information.

Charlie & Echo

Given Charlie & Echo‘s Miramar, central San Diego location, it should be obvious to those familiar with San Diego that Charlie & Echo is a winery, but not a vineyard. But it is perhaps San Diego’s most centrally located winery and also located within the Miralani Makers’ District, which also has breweries, meaderies, cideries and is located close to a whole host of restaurants.

The company has about 20 wines on tap, all of which can be ordered online. Charlie & Echo also has a wine club for its biggest fans, which includes discounts, wine shipments, members-only events, 20-percent off of all wine bottle purchases.

Follow Charlie & Echo’s via its email newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to keep up with everything going on at the company.

La Serenissima Vineyards and Winery

La Serenissima Vineyards and Winery is one of several wineries and vineyards in Warner Springs, the northeasternmost chunk of San Diego County. It has 14 wines available for purchase online and in-house, as well as on-site 90-minute tours.

If you like La Serenissima’s wines, the company offers a wine club, with a 20-percent discount and twice-annual shipment of wines to members. Follow La Serenissima on Facebook and Twitter.

2Plank Vineyards

The Vista-based 2Plank Vineyards produces 20 different wines and serves as a tasting room for wine and a private event space. Wines can be purchased online or in-house. Visitors are allowed to bring their own food or purchase food from area restaurants and bring it in, too, during Paintnite events, which an activity combining the act of drinking wine and painting simultaneously.

If you like what you taste at 2Plank, join its wine club, which offers discounts and several times per year shipments of bottles of 2Plank’s wines. Follow 2Plank on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on events and new wine releases, or else sign up for the company’s email newsletter.

Milagro Winery

Milagro Winery is located in the heart of San Diego County’s wine country in Ramona Valley. A winery and vineyards, it also serves as an organic farmtasting room, private event space and wedding venue. Milagro also plays host to live music every other Saturday from 1:00PM-5:00 PM and the Que Milagro food truck every Saturday and Sunday

If you like what you taste at Milagro, consider joining its wine club. And for more, follow Milagro Winery on Facebook and Instagram.

Blue Door Urban Winery

Blue Door Urban Winery, located not far from the Mission Beach area in the Bay Ho-area of Clairmont, also has a tasting room in Julian

If you like what you taste at Blue Door, head on over to its wine club webpage and see if you’re interested in joining. It includes, for a fee, regular shipments of wine bottles and discounted rates of all wine bottle purchases.

The venue also opens itself up for private events, or the wine-maker for Blue Door can come to your house too. 

For all of the latest news about Blue Door, follow the company on Facebook.

San Pascual Winery

With four locations dotting San Diego County, you have plenty of chances to check out San Pascual Winery. Three of those locations are in La Mesa, while another one is located in Seaport Village in downtown San Diego. One of those spaces is a shared one, co-run by San Pascual and Wyatt Oaks, called La Mesa Wine Works. All of Pascual’s La Mesa venues are located in close proximity to Bolt Brewery and Helix Brewing Co., as well as a slew of other nearby restaurants.

Pascual Winery features 18 different types of wine, while La Mesa Wine Works features over a dozen wines, about half a dozen from Wyatt Oaks and another half a dozen from San Pascual. And for a fee of $60-$70 per quarter, you can get three bottles shipped to you of either Pascual or Wyatt Oaks each quarter as wine club member. At San Pascual, online ordering is also an option if you liked what you tasted in-house, but don’t want to make a road trip back to the facility to purchase some more.

Follow San Pascual over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sign up for its email list to follow the company’s announcement via your inbox. You can also follow La Mesa Wine Works over on Facebook and Instagram

Old Survey Vineyards

Placed not far from the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park, Old Survey Vineyards is open on weekends for tastings and vineyard views.

Keep up with what’s going on at the Old Survey on Facebook or via the company’s email newsletter.

Mahogany Mountain Vineyard and Winery

Situated in the wine mecca of Ramona Valley, the award-winning Mahogany Mountain Vineyard and Winery sits on 43 acres of land. The vineyard grows red grapes.

Online purchases are a possibility for Mahogany Mountain’s 10+ wines, as is a wine club membership, featuring twice-annual three-wine bottle shipments and 20-percent discounts on bottle purchases.

Follow Mahogany Mountain over on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest company news and events announcements.

Old Coach Vineyards

The Poway-based Old Coach Vineyards sells nine different kinds of wines, located in Highland Valley wine country. Follow Old Coach, for more, on Twitter.

Barrel 1 Winery

In the midst of the Ramona Valley wine epicenter, Barrel 1 Winery has five wines and a wine club for fans of its product. For a taste of what Barrel 1 looks like, head on over to its online photo gallery.

For more, follow Barrel 1 Winery on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or join its email newsletter for the news delivered straight to your inbox.

Crystal Hill Vineyard

Crystal Hill Vineyard, nestled in the Ramona Valley wine hub, opens for business on April 15. That launch event will have free vineyard tours, two-for-one wine tastings, wine cellar and production tours, pizza, ice cream and other foods, and discounted rates for wine club memberships.

Five wines, at the onset, will be on the menu and ready for consumption at its tasting room. Tours are also available. Various levels of wine club membership, too, are part of the package at Crystal Hill.

BK Cellars

The Escondido-based BK Cellars offers up happy hours on Thursdays and Fridays from 3:00 PM-6:00 PM and wine flight tastings for $12 per five wines or $15 for seven. It also features a snack food menu.

Beyond a winery with a tasting room, BK Cellars also is open for business for private events and has nine different wines on its menu. Love what you taste at BK Cellars? Join its wine club.

For more, follow BK Cellars on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Or join its email newsletter.

Stehleon Vineyards

Sitting in the heart of Escondido, Stehteon Vineyards has a tasting room in which you can try out their array of wines.

Follow along for all the latest news about Stethteon on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via its email newsletter.

Trevi Hills Winery, Vineyard and Tasting Room

Trevi Hills Winery, Vineyard and Tasting Room is a hybrid housing complex, winery, vineyard and tasting room all rolled into one. Situated in east San Diego County in Lakeside, Trevi Hills presents the opportunity for those living within the community to have part of their land be part of the vineyard, which sits on over 800 acres of land.

For its biggest enthusiasts, Trevi Hills also features a wine club, which offers 20-percent discounts on all wine purchases,  complimentary wine tastings for you and up to three guests per month, and three wines per quarter available for pick up at Trevi Hills, for a total of a dozen per year.

F0r more on Trevi Hills, follow the company on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Solterra Winery and Kitchen

With locally-sourced grapes from California and Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe, Solterra Winery and Kitchen not only produces a few of its own wines and serves a big list of others, but they have a restaurant on site which serves up Mediterranean fare to pair with the wines, featuring a mix of tapas-style small plates and larger full-course meals. Solterra also has lunch and dessert menus. Not digging the menu? Not to worry, as the location is close to many restaurants in Encinitas along Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Highway. And Carlsbad’s dining scene is just a 10-minute drive or so from there, as well. Wine at Solterra is pressed, fermented and bottles on site in their 3,000-square-foot barrel room.

Winery tours are available via appointment. Solterra bottles three labels: Christopher Cameron, Costa Azul, and their namesake, Solterra, which comes from Latin words for sun and earth. Reds are aged in French oak barrels for 12-14 months. Solterra is popular so don’t be surprised if there’s a wait during weekends. Expect to taste mostly red wines and a handful of whites. The award-winning Solterra, which also has a membership-based wine club for enthusiasts, rents out its facility for private events.

Follow Solterra on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date information and events and reserve a table now on OpenTable!

Mattucci Winery

Mattucci Winery sits just a few miles south from the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside and presents a good tandem idea for a weekend out and about in San Diego County’s northern-most oceanside city.

The winery has a tasting room, but is open via appointment only, with nine different wine choices on its menu. For more and updated information on events, wine releases and the like, follow the company on Facebook.

Twin Oaks Valley Winery

The San Marcos-based Twin Oaks Valley Winery recently opened the doors of its tasting room. While Twin Oaks makes [TK number] of its own wines, it also offers up its custom crush for a fee, which allows winemakers to come in and manufacture their own wines.

“You can either work with grapes that you have bought or harvested, or we can help you source grapes,” explains Twin Oaks of its wine crush device. “We can also assist with sourcing finished wine, help you blend wine, and help you bottle, cork and label it.”

Twin Oaks’ 17 different wines can be purchased weekly at the Escondido Farmer’s Market and at other stores throughout San Diego County. The products can also be purchased online and can be tried out in the facility’s tasting room. 

If you love what you taste at Twin Oaks, join its wine club, which offers its members four bottles, three times per year. And follow Twin Oaks on social media over on Facebook.  

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