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100+ Summer Camps in San Diego

100+ Summer Camps in San Diego

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When kids are out of school, camps step in to fill the gap. Children can focus on what they love, or explore something new. San Diego has a variety of camps for kids of all ages and with all interests.

This guide covers camps in ALL of San Diego County, so please utilize the filters to sort by Camp Location, Camp Type, Camp Length or Duration, Camp Age Group and more. As a bonus, we have included camps that take place throughout the year, which you can also locate/sort within the filters (i.e. Fall Camps, Winter Camps, Spring Camps, & Holiday Camps)

Happy Camping everyone!

iD Tech Camp

iD Tech Camp brings STEM learning to San Diego, La Jolla, and San Marcos. Over week-long sessions, kids ages 7-17 will learn coding, robotics, design, game development, and more. If you have kids interested in any of those fields, iD Tech will give them the skills needed to advance their pursuits. iD Tech is partnered with leading technologies so campers have access to the latest hardware and software. Camp sizes are limited and kids get individualized attention from highly qualified instructors. iD tech is more than your average summer camp, it’s an investment in your child’s future.

iD Tech Camp Held at University of San Diego

UC San Diego offers over 15 different iD Tech Camps during the summer. Camps include week-long day camps for campers ages 7-9,  as well as overnight camps for campers ages 10-17. Overnight camps include all meals.

iD Tech Camp Held at UC La Jolla

UC San Diego offers over 35 different iD Tech Camps during the summer. Camps include week-long day camps for campers ages 7-9,  as well as overnight camps for campers ages 10-17. Overnight camps include all meals.

iD Tech at UCSD La Jolla also offers Alexa Cafe. Alexa Cafe is an all-girls overnight camp that has all female instruction and helps girls thrive in tech areas. The camp not only focuses on STEM concepts but also entrepreneurship and social activism.

iD Tech Camp Held at CSU San Marcos

iD Tech held at California State University San Marcos offers over 15 week-long day camps throughout the summer. Camps even include a Fortnight Camp with Unreal Engine Level Design.


Tech Camps are some of the most sought-after summer experiences. Code Rev teaches campers coding, design, robotics and video game development. Not only do they offer week-long STEM sessions in the San Diego and the Solana Beach/Del Mar areas, they do it at affordable prices. CodeRev also boasts small student-to-teacher ratios, outdoor time and has extended care available. At the end of each session, campers will showcase their final projects to friends and family.

CodeRev San Diego

CodeRev San Diego has sessions available for campers ages 6-14. Campers choose which path to explore. Paths include Minecraft, Roblox, App Creation and Web Design.

Solana Beach/Del Mar Tech Camp

CodeRev San Diego has sessions available for campers ages 6-14. Campers choose which path to explore. Paths include Minecraft, Roblox, Programming, Game Design and App Creation.

The Army and Navy Academy

Established in 1910, the Army and Navy Academy (ANA) is a private military boarding school for boys in 7th-12th grade. Located right on the coast, the grounds are beautiful and filled with history. During the summer, the Academy opens its doors for co-ed leadership academies and summers camps.

Camp Challenge

Camp Challenge is a Leadership Course that teaches kids how to make valuable contributions to their family, peers, and community. Lessons include conflict resolution, study skills, teamwork and the importance of community service.

Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is divided into sessions for middle school and high school students. The middle school program introduces kids to the ideals of leadership, the high school sessions enhance existing leadership skills. Both age groups participate in outdoor activities, team challenges, and group leadership training. The goal of the program is to reinforce accountability, self-discipline, respect and develop traits that set the foundations for success.

Leadership Education and Training

The ANA Leadership Education and Training Program gives JROTC participants 180 hours of learning credit. The two-part program is the only one of its kind on the west coast. The first week of training encourages teamwork and self-confidence and helps campers overcome physical and mental challenges. The second week builds on those skills while practicing first aid, nutrition, physical fitness and substance abuse prevention.

Camp Pacific

ANA has been hosting Camp Pacific for 75 years. Camp Pacific has overnight and day sessions that offer a variety of fun indoor and beach activities.

Overnight Programs

ANA has two overnight camps for kids ages 8-16, a Classic Co-Ed session and an ESOL program. These traditional camps focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-improvement. Camp days include classroom time, outdoor activities and weekend field trips. The ESOL program features educational content about United States culture and language skills.

Summer Days

Summer days lets local kids in on the fun. Camper ages 8-16 will attend educational classes, fun activities, and time on the beach. The traditional camp has planned activities and also gives campers free time to focus on their own interests. Activities include air riflery, surfing, arts; drama; sports and more.

Bach to Rock

Bach to Rock believes that learning to play music should be fun — it’s called “play” for a reason! B2R offers camps throughout the year that cover a wide range of interests and skill levels, instilling the joy of music in kids of all ages by teaching through popular music. Younger campers learn the basics of music through story-time, movement exercises and exposure to real instruments. Older campers can join a Rock Band, sing with a Glee Club or learn to be a DJ. Kids are grouped together according to age and skill level. No experience required!

    • Rock City Camp (ages 3-6): Half-Day, 9:30am-12:30pm, $229/week
    • Rock Band Camp (ages 7+): Half-Day, 9:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:00pm, $329/week or Full-Day, 9:00am-4:00pm, $399/week
    • Glee Club Camp (ages 7+): Half-Day, 9:00am-12:30pm or 12:30pm-4:00pm, $329/week
    • DJ Camp (ages 10+): Half-Day, 9:00am-12:30pm, $329/week

Robolink sparks an interest in STEM learning through Robotic Kits and Drones. Science, technology, engineering, and math are prominent fields today are only going to grow in the future. A child with a base of knowledge in any of the STEM fields is bound to have a leg-up. Robolink offers after-school elementary programs and has summer camps at their two learning centers (Sorrento Valley and 4S Ranch). Students that enroll in more than one camp will build a different robot each session. Early drop-off and late pick-up are available for an additional $10/hour. Register by April 15, 2018 and receive 20% Off all sessions ($236/half-day or $396/full-day) use code: SCEB20.

Robotics Camps

1st Grade +

Robolink has designed a week-long Robotics Camp for kids in First Grade and Up. Students will be divided into age groups (grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-12). Students will build robots and learn first-hand how they use sensors to respond to the world around them. Through trial and error, campers will solve simple problems and learn the potential of artificial intelligence. Robotics Camps are a great way for kids to learn while having a great time. Rokit Smart Kits can be purchased for an additional $119.78.

Drone Programming Camps

4th Grade +

Drone Block Coding Camp

Over the week, campers in 4th Grade and above will learn how to program and control a drone with block coding. Kids will be introduced to block-based program language through Snap! For Robolink. Campers will start with the basics and by the end of the week, they’ll have the drones completing various missions. Laptops are required for this camp. A CoDrone Lite can be purchased for an additional $119.99.

Advanced Drone Programming Camp

Advanced Drone Programming Camp expands the campers knowledge of computer programming and teaches them how to define variables, apply loops and write and call procedures. Campers will also learn about the various sensors that Drones use and how to control those as well. At the end of the week, students will be able to make the Drones fly by themselves, or program the remote so they have full control. Laptops are required for this camp. A CoDrone Pro can be purchased for an additional $179.99.

Intro to the VEX IQ Competition

Grades: 4-8

The Vex IQ Competition is comprised of teams who design and build robots, to cooperate with other teams robots, in a game-based engineering challenge. Tournaments are held year-round at regional, state and national levels. Robolink utilizes the summer to give campers the first look at the competition. Participants will work individually or as teams to build and modify their robots to fulfill this year’s requirements. Campers may select more than one session if they want to progress further into the build.

  • Robolink  Summer Camps
  • Grades: 1-12
  • Hours: 9am-12pm, 12:30pm-3:30pm, 9am-3:30pm, Extended Care available.
  • Dates: June 4-August 27
  • Price: Half-Day: $236/week; Full Day: $495/week (20% Off until 4/15/18 Code: SCEB20)
  • Sorrento Valley, 5677 Oberlin Dr #100, San Diego, CA 92121
  • 4S Ranch, 10710 Thornmint Rd #201, San Diego, CA 92127

Oceanside Museum of Art

With a view of the Pacific Ocean, Oceanside Museum of Art celebrates art through engagement, education, and innovation. Exposing children to art has many positive effects and promotes self-expression and logical thinking. During the spring and summer, the museum hosts week-long art camps with various themes. During the week campers will explore different art mediums such as paint, clay, printmaking, and collage. At the end of the summer, all campers are invited to participate in a group art show.

ThoughtSTEM Summer Camps

ThoughtSTEM teaches kids the skills that will keep them relevant in this fast-growing technological world. The program is designed in a way that opens the door to STEM learning for the newest students and challenges experts. ThoughtSTEM combines project-based curriculum with programs such as Scratch, Arduino, and Minecraft to keep learning fun. ThoughtSTEM Summer Camps not only teach, but they also surround children with peers that have similar interests, creating friendships and memories.

ThoughtSTEM has Summer Camps available throughout San Diego County. The programs are affordable and flexible. ThoughtSTEM even offers a “Bulk Discount” for campers that choose multiple camps. The camps have a low student to instructor ratio and programs are year-round for those who want to expand their knowledge.

UC San Diego

ThoughtSTEM at UC San Diego offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions, morning half-day sessions include lunch on-site. Course subjects include coding, web design, game design, robotics, Minecraft modding, and app development.

San Diego State University

ThoughtSTEM at San Diego State University offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions, morning half-day sessions include lunch on-site. Course subjects include coding, web design, game design, robotics, Minecraft modding, and app development.

Fleet Science Center

ThoughtSTEM at the Fleet Science Center offers courses for kids in Grades 3-8. Campers can choose between half-day morning or afternoon sessions. Course subjects include coding, 2D game design, robotics, minecraft modding, and app development.

Del Mar

ThoughtSTEM in Del Mar offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Campers can choose between two, 2-hour morning sessions. Course subjects include coding, 2D game design, and Minecraft modding.

La Jolla Country Day School

ThoughtSTEM at La Jolla Country Day School offers courses for kids in Grades 3-9. Campers can choose between half-day morning or afternoon sessions. Course subjects include coding, app development, and web design.

  • ThoughtSTEM La Jolla Country Day School
  • Grades: 3-9
  • Dates: July 9-July 16
  • Hours: 9am-12pm, 12:30pm-3:30pm
  • Price: $255 (Bulk Discount does not apply at this location)
  • 9490 Genesee Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

Castle Park High School – Chula Vista

ThoughtSTEM at Castle Park High School offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions. Course subjects include coding, robotics, 2D game design, Minecraft modding, and web design. Morning and full-day campers should bring their own lunch.

Poway High School

ThoughtSTEM at Poway High School offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions. Course subjects include coding, robotics, Minecraft modding, and web design. Morning and full-day campers should bring their own lunch.

Westview High School – Poway

ThoughtSTEM at Westview High School offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions. Course subjects include coding, robotics, and 2D game design. Morning and full-day campers should bring their own lunch.

Cal State San Marcos

ThoughtSTEM at Cal State San Marcos offers courses for kids in Kindergarten through 12th Grade. Campers can choose between half-day or full-day sessions. Course subjects include coding, robotics, Minecraft modding, 2D game design, app development, and web design. Morning and full-day camps include lunch.

  • ThoughtSTEM Cal State San Marcos
  • Grades: K-12
  • Dates: June 18-August 13
  • Hours: 9am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 9am-4pm
  • Price: Morning: $360; Afternoon: $280; Full-Day: $578 (after Bulk Discount is applied)
  • 333 S Twin Oaks Valley Rd, San Marcos, CA 92096

Studio West and The Recording Arts Center

Studio West is a working music studio that introduces kids to the audio industry and gives insight into music production. Over the summer professional audio engineers work with students to produce and record their own music. Musicians of any genre can play their instrument in bands and ensembles. Non-musicians will learn behind-the-scenes roles in music production and electronic music production techniques.

The New Children’s Museum

The New Children’s Museum downtown has three levels dedicated to playing and art. The museum uses hands-on and interactive exhibits to engage children and encourage creativity, confidence, socialization, and collaboration. From playhouses to giant food sculptures, there is always something to run and jump on. Throughout the year the museum offers project-based camps that are led by professional artists and educators.

Fall/Winter Camp

The New Children’s Museum’s Fall and Winter Camps are for campers ages 4-12. Camps include art-making sessions and playtime inside and outside the museum. Groups are divided by age and campers can participate for a single day, or up to a week.  Camps are held during Thanksgiving and Winter breaks – check website for dates, posted at end of summer.

  • NCM Fall/Winter Camps
  • Ages: 4-12 years old
  • Hours: 9am-4pm
  • Price: $63/Day, $280/week (Member and sibling discounts available)

Spring Camp

During Spring Break the New Children’s Museum offers two week-long, full-day sessions for campers ages 4-12. Camps include art-making sessions and indoor and outdoor play. Groups are divided by age and campers can participate for a single day, up to a week. Camps are held each year for  2 weeks during Spring Break. Check website for dates early in the year.

  • NCM Spring Camps
  • Ages: 4-12 years old
  • Dates: March 26-30, April 9-13
  • Hours: 9am-4pm
  • Price: $70/Day, $300/week (Member and sibling discounts available)

Summer Camps

Over the Summer the New Children’s Museum has camps available for ages 2 years old up to 6th Grade. All camps focus on art and play, with dedicated studio time and time exploring museum indoor and outdoor spaces. Summer camps this year will be held June 25 – August 18. Check the website for themes, dates and availability.

Parent & Child Camps: Children ages 2-3 can enjoy the camp experience with their caregivers. Camps are from 9:30am-11:30am, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 90 minutes of camp is class time and the other 30 is spent in the Museum. (An adult must be present). $125/Session

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Art camps for 4-6-year-olds encourage creativity, imagination and promote self-confidence. Themes include healthy cooking, gardening, fort-engineering, dance, dress-up play, and more. Sessions are offered in 3 hour Half-Day Morning or Afternoon Camps and 7-hour, Full-Day Camps. Half-Day: $165, Full-Day: $315. Extended Care available.

Grades 1-3: Camps for Grades 1-3 explore fun art-making activities and play in the museum. Week-long, full-day camps Themes include Art labs, filmmaking, mural-making and more. Sessions are offered in 3 hour Half-Day Morning or Afternoon Camps and 7-hour, Full-Day Camps. Half-Day: $165, Full-Day: $315. Extended Care available.

The Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park

The Japanese Friendship Garden is visited by over 100,000 people annually. The gardens feature Japanese culture through landscaping, koi ponds, water features, and Sukiya-style architecture. Summer Camp at the Japanese Friendship Garden immerses kids in that culture.

Campers will learn about garden aesthetics, flower arrangement, dance, music, language, sushi, taiko drumming, painting and more.

Youth Taiko

Serious students of any skill level can learn the beautiful art of Taiko. Kids will not only learn the art of Taiko, but will also learn Japanese etiquette, vocabulary, focus, and camaraderie. There is a tentative Taiko Summer Camp that would take place August 6-10, 9am-12pm. For More information email Frederic at [email protected].

The San Diego Air and Space Museum

An affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute, the San Diego Air and Space Museum houses a collection of aircraft and spacecraft from all over the world. The museum celebrates the history of flight from the first hot air balloon through space exploration. Just for kids, the Aviation Action Hanger features interactive exhibits for kids of all ages. Younger kids can enjoy magnetic toys and pedal planes. Older children can explore a simulated moon surface or try flying in a real wind tunnel. The area even has two flight simulators and a large F-104 Starfighter cockpit. In the summer the Air and Space Museum has week-long summer camps that inspire and educate.

Air and Space Summer Camps

For kids in grades 1-12, the Air and Space Museum has half-day camps available that focus on air and space history. Campers will learn science, engineering, and robotics through fun hands-on activities such as designing flying cars, launching model rockets and learning to fly in simulators. Each session has a different focus so campers may attend multiple sessions and explore different fields. The Museum welcomes children with all ability levels to join in the fun.

The San Diego Natural History Museum

The San Diego Natural History Museum has 5 stories of interactive exhibitions that focus on the evolution of the natural world. Kids will love the dinosaur fossils, the skull exhibit, and a giant screen theater. The Nat offers camps for kids during the winter and summer.

Winter Camp

Winter Camp at the Nat is flexible and offers single-day programs for kids in Grades 1-5. During the session, kids will learn about dinosaurs, animal behaviors and explore nature.

Summer Camps

The Nat offers Summer Camps for kids in Pre-K through 10th Grade. Each program is tailored for the age group, teaching Science through age-appropriate activities.

Pre-K and Kindergarten Camps

Pre-K and Kindergarten Camps are week-long, half-day programs. Campers will learn about dinosaurs and the ocean through hands-on activities, crafts, and exploration of the museum.

  • Pre-K and Kindergarten
  • Dates: June 18-July 23
  • Hours: Half-Day, 9am-12pm
  • Price: $175/members, $200/non-members

Grades 1-2 Camps

Grades 1-2 Camps are week-long, full-day programs. Campers will learn about dinosaurs, animals, and the ocean through hands-on activities, crafts, and exploration of the museum. These camps will also explore Balboa Park outside of the museum and may use live animals for education.

Grades 3-5

Grades 3-5 Camps are week-long, full-day programs. Campers will learn the different disciplines of science the Nat utilizes. This includes paleontology, botany, herpetology; entomology and ornithology. Camper will explore arts, crafts, take field trips and perform experiments.

Grades 6-8

Grades 6-8 Camps are week-long, full-day programs. Campers will learn about nature and technology by exploring Balboa Park’s plants and animals. At the end of the week, campers will share their findings with friends and family.

Grades 9-10

Grades 9-10 Camps are week-long, full-day programs. Campers will learn valuable interpersonal skills as they become Nat Ambassadors. Campers will interact will peers, museum staff, and guests while developing their own programs to share with the community.

San Diego Automotive Museum

For kids interested in cars, the San Diego Automotive Museum has a week-long camp that will educate and entertain. Kids in Grades 4-6 will learn about car culture, design, and engineering. Over the week they will get to explore the cars on site, design their own car and make models. Each session is limited to 10 campers.

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum at Balboa Park

The San Diego Model Railroad Museum is the largest operating railroad museum in the world. The SDMRM is home to four large scale model layouts that celebrate the history of railroads in the Southwest and display many California railroad models. For kids the Museum has an interactive Lionel layout, a kids corner that features many train-themed books, and storytime.

At the SDMRM summer camp program kids in 2nd through 8th grades will learn the different skills needed to build a model railroad. Campers will research design principles, plan a track layout, and construct an operational themed model by building scenery and constructing bridges. Half-day camps are from 9am-12pm and full-day camps are from 9am-3pm. Early drop-off is available at 8:30am for an additional $25 (per week).

San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego Museum of Art has been dedicated to preserving fine art and sculpture since 1926. Over the years the museum has grown its collection through generous donations.  During the Summer, the Museum’s Youth Art Program teaches students about art-making and appreciation. The Program includes Summer Camps and Teen Studios. Artist-educators will provide art instruction, studio activities and lead students through the current exhibitions at the Museum.

Teen Summer Studios

Teen Summer Studios is designed for kids in Grades 6-12. Each week-long session has a different focus based on exhibits in the Museum. Students will be inspired by the past and use new techniques to create their own masterpieces. The Summer Studio also has sessions dedicated to expanding portfolios. Teens can meet other artists and receive expert guidance.

  • Teen Summer Studios
  • Grades 6-12
  • Dates: July 16-August 3
  • Hours: 9am-4pm
  • Price: $275/Members; $315/non-members (Scholarships available)

Summer Camps

Designed for younger kids, Grades 1-5, Summer Camps are led by artists-instructors. During the week, kids will explore museums and sculpture gardens to find inspiration. Activities include sculpture, multimedia, musical performance, and more.

San Diego Zoo

Located in Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo is home to over 3,700 animals and has more than 700,000 exotic plants. The 100-Acre zoo is known around the world and is often the number one destination for visitors. Rainforests, African savannahs, and the Arctic, kids will love discovering something new around every corner. During the summer, the Zoo offers Camps for kids in Pre-K all the way through high school. An Extended Day Program is also offered for an additional $100 (7:30am-5pm)

Pre-K Cub Camps

Pre-K Cub Camps are week-long, from 9am-12pm. The youngest camper will explore the zoo, animals, make crafts, and dance the summer away.

Kindergarten Camps

Kindergarten Camps are week-long, from 9am-3pm. Campers will learn about about birds, mammals and reptiles through age appropriate and fun activities.

Grades 1-8 Camps

Grades 1-8 Camps are week-long, from 9am-3pm. Campers choose between Classic Camps with a focus on animal exploration or can join an Arts Camp that explores art and uses animals as models.

Grades 9-12 Camps

High School Students can choose between 1-Day Adventures or Full-Week Camp experiences.

Teen camps focus on photography, art or animal caretaking.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is an unexpected wonder in North County San Diego. Acres of habitats and savannahs are hidden amongst the hills. The Safari Park is massive, which means that even on busy days the park doesn’t feel crowded. The Safari Park has half day and full day camps available for kids ages 2 years up to Seniors in High School. The camps are educational, interactive and are held in the unique setting of the park. Extended Care is available for campers ages 4-17. Extended Care hours begin at 8am and extend until 5:30pm, and cost an additional $50.

Growin’ Up: Ages 2-3

For Toddlers, the Safari Park offers a half-day, week-long camp. Little ones (and their grown-ups) will explore the park, have animal encounters, play and participate in fun hands-on activities.

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-11am
  • July 9- July 27
  • Price: $175/member; $205/non-member; $105/2nd Child

Family Camp: Ages 2-5

The Safari Park offers a half-day, week-long camp, designed for families with multiple children. Little ones (and their grown-ups) will explore the park, have animal encounters, play and participate in fun hands-on activities.

  • Monday-Friday: 9am-12pm
  • August 6-10
  • Price (adult and child pair): $175/member; $205/non-member

Story Safari: Pre-K-Kindergarten

Pre-K and Kindergarten aged children can participate in 4-Day or 5-Day, half-day camps. The themes revolve around favorite animal stories. Children will have animal encounters, explore the Park, make crafts, and enjoy songs and games. AM Extended Day Program available for an additional $50.

  • Week Camp: June 25-29; July 30-August 3
  • Price: $175/member; $205/non-member
  • 4-Day Camp: July 2- July 6 (no camp on the 4th of July)
  • Price: $145/member; $175/non-member

Grades 1-7: 4-Day Full-Day Camp

The week of 4th of July, Safari Park has a 4-Day Camp available. Kids in grades 1-4 can enjoy an art camp, and kids in Grades 5-7 will explore music, storytelling, and acting. Camps also include animal encounters and Park exploration.

  • July 2- July 6 (no camp on the 4th of July)
  • 9am-4pm
  • Price: $245/member; $275/non-member

Grades 1-8: Week-long, Full-Day Camps

The Safari Park hosts several camps for school-age children. Camps are week-long, full-day sessions. Themes include science, animal encounters, balloon safaris, veterinary care, and more.

  • June 25-August 10
  • Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm
  • Price: $295/member; $325/non-member

Ending Extinction: Grades 9-12

For high school aged kids, the Safari Park has a session dedicated to teaching the kids about conservation and preservation. Campers will take a behind-the-scenes look at the park, meet animal ambassadors, take a private Caravan Safari and explore hands-on activities.

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet

San Diego Civic Youth Ballet has been teaching dance to children for over 70 years. Located at the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park, the school has three full-length stage productions throughout the year and also performs during special events. During the summer the SDCYB offers camps for younger dancers and Intensive Workshops for Intermediate and Advanced dancers.

Summer Camps

SDCYB Camps are week-long, half-day programs, with sessions in the morning and afternoon. Class starts with ballet class but the day also includes, crafts, jazz dance and field trips within Balboa Park. Each week ends in an in-studio performance for the campers friends and family.

  • Summer Camps
  • Ages: 4-10 years old
  • Dates: July 2-August 24
  • Hours: Ages 4-6: 9am-12pm; Ages 7-10: 1pm-4pm
  • Tuition: $135/5-day session, $110/4-day session


SDCYB Intensives are challenging and educational, students not currently enrolled at SDCYB will have to audition. The programs begin daily with ballet technique, and also explore jazz, modern, musical theater and pilates. The Intermediate program is two weeks long and the Advanced program is three weeks long. The Advanced program and includes classes in pointe and injury prevention. In-between dancing students will discuss ballet videos, music and get to explore Balboa Park. At the end of the session dancers perform in-studio for friends and family.

San Diego Junior Theater

The San Diego Junior Theater is the longest running youth theater company in the United States. Established in 1948, the theater offers a variety of classes including drama, voice, dance, and theater for kids ages 3-18. The theater also hosts a variety of youth productions throughout the year. In Spring and Summer, the Youth Theater has a variety of camps available.

Spring Camps

During Spring Camp Sessions students will attend 4 classes per day: Voice, Acting, Dance (movement), and a Specialty class. At the end of the week, the campers will give an informal presentation for friends and family. In the mornings, campers can be dropped off 45 minutes before the day starts, free of charge. In the afternoon there is an Extended Day program available for an additional $15. From 3pm-5pm Campers will play games, watch movies and make arts and crafts.

  • Ages: Kindergarten-6th Grade
  • Dates: March 26-April 13, 2018
  • Hours: 9am-3pm
  • Price: $225/5-Day Session, $180/4-Day Session

Summer Camps

San Diego Junior Theater offers a variety of Summer Camps for kids of all ages. Week-long camps focus on acting, dance and voice lessons, and each session has a different theme. At the end of each week there is an informal performance to showcase what the campers have learned. Each session is a Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm with before and after care available. Half-Day Camps are available for Pre-K and K.

Express Yo Self: Expressive Arts Summer Camp

The San Diego Youth Symphony, David’s Harp Foundation, and the National Theater form a partnership to provide the Express Yo Self Arts Summer Camp. The 5-day camp lets high school aged kids choose between four areas of interest: string instruments, music production, comedy improv, and photography. During the week campers get to connect with other kids their age with similar interests. Professional Teaching Artists from each of the contributing partners will give the students hands-on experience that will further their artistic pursuits.

Digital Media Academy

Computer programming code skills are highly sought after in this modern world. The Digital Media Academy offers one and two-week programming camps that use the latest technologies. In San Diego, campers can learn as well as experience college life on the UCSD campus. Elementary, Middle School, and High School kids will meet kids with similar interests and learn how to develop apps, code websites, and finish film projects. The Digital Media Academy also has sessions in robotics, Animation, Minecraft and Video Game Design.

Campers can also add to their experience through several Add-On options. Campers can get the full college experience by choosing to stay overnight on campus. Campers will attend sessions during the day, eat at campus dining facilities and spend the evenings doing fun activities with the counselors. Weekends can also be added. Campers will explore the area, including visiting amusement parks and going to movies.

The Fleet Science Center

The Fleet Science Center has over 100 interactive science exhibits and an IMAX theater. For kids 5 and under, the center has a special exhibit called Kid City. Fleet Science Center hosts various programs for the community that instill a love of science at an early age. Fleet offers full-day camps in the winter and spring, and half-day camps in summer.

Winter Camps

During Winter break the Fleet Science Center offers full-day camps for Grades 1-8. Science Camp, for kids in grades 1-3 is hands-on and teaches through experimentation. Themes change yearly bust the focus is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. For older kids, grades 4-8, Fleet offers a variety of coding classes. Campers will explore electronics and learn to build video games.

Spring Camps

Spring camps at Fleet focus on STEM activities and let campers explore the Center. Campers in grades 1-3 will learn about molecular science, forensic science, gravity and more. Campers in Grades 4-8 focus on computer science and coding. Sessions are based on Minecraft with Marvel themes.

  • Spring Camps
  • Grades 1-8
  • March 26-30, 2018; 9am-4pm
  • Cost: Grades 1-3: $60; Grades 4-8: $70 (member discounts available)

Summer Camps

The Fleet Science Centers summer camp program disguises learning with fun. The Center has science-themed camps available for kids in Pre-K all the way through 8th Grade. The youngest campers (Pre-K, ages 3-5), will enjoy interactive camps that explore simple machines, bubbles, and squishy sensory fun. Pre-K Camps are 2-hours long and run for a week (an adult must be present). Kindergarten kids can enjoy a week of space exploration. For two hours a day, they will become astronauts and investigate our moon, the planets and stars.

For kids in Grades 1-8, Fleet fills the summer with half-day and full day camps based on STEM learning. Camps focus on science through different approaches, including art, investigation, experimentation, superheroes and more. There is enough variety that there is something for everyone. Kids in Grades 3-8 can participate in the ThoughtSTEM Computer Science Program and learn coding, robotics, engineering, and even learn to build their own apps. For science enthusiasts, Fleet offers full-day camps during selected weeks of the summer.

  • Summer Camps
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Week; 9am-11am (adult must be present)
  • Kindergarten: Week; 1pm-3pm
  • Half-Day: Week; 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm; $145/member, $160/non-member
  • ThoughtSTEM Half-Day: Week; 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm; $200/members, $215/non-member
  • Full-Day: 9am-4pm; $260/member, $290/non-member
  • Fleet Science Center
  • 1875 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101

Spanish Village Art Center

The Spanish Village Art Center features the work of over 200 local artisans and craftsmen. Multi-colored cobblestones connect over 30 working art studios and galleries. The Spanish Village offers art camps in the Spring and Summer.

Spring Camp

Spanish Village Art provides a one-week, half-day art camp for children ages 7 and up. Over the week the campers will make ceramics projects and learn how to use a wheel. In two parts, the second half of camp kids will forage for natural objects in Balboa Park. The campers will then create Mandalas using the found natural objects and clay creations.

  • Spring Break Camp
  • Ages: 7 and Up
  • Dates: March 26-30, 2018
  • Hours: 9am-12pm
  • Price: $175

Summer Camp

Spanish Village Art provides a one-week, half-day art camp for children in Grades 2-6. Each day the kids will explore a different medium, including clay, ceramics, and painting. By the end of the week, each child will have 5 different creations to take home.

San Diego Art Camp

The San Diego Art Camp exposes children in Grades K-8 to a variety of artistic expression. Over the session, campers will learn about photography, ceramic and international music and dance. San Diego Art Camp is held in Balboa Park at the House of Czech and Slovak Republics.

Museum of Photographic Arts

The Museum of Photographic Arts is a vibrant center for visual learning. The museum educates and engages visitors through photography, film, and video. During the Spring and Summer, the museum hosts interactive camps for children ages 6-17.

Spring Camp

Over Spring Break the Museum of Photographic Arts offers daily, full-day camps. Kids will learn everything from the art of selfies, color, collage, and ways to play and manipulate photographs to make them more interesting. The daily camps sell out fast, so register as soon as possible.

  • Ages: 7-12
  • Dates: March 26-30, 2018
  • Hours: 9am-4pm
  • Price: $55/Members; $60/non-members

Summer Camp

The MOPA Summer Camp Program explores photography, video, animation and more. The week-long camp is for ages 6-17. During the week professional visual artists share their knowledge in different visual art techniques. Camps are cool, interactive and fun.

San Diego Art Institute

The San Diego Art Institute is an experimental contemporary art center.  SDAI focuses on artists in Southern California and Baja California. For their summer program, SDAI hires practicing artists that are vested in teaching art to empower the next generation. Over the summer they have week-long programs for kids 5-18 in Graffiti Arts, Printmaking, Stop Motion and more. SDAI even has a special program called Camp Parkeology.  Parkeology is dedicated to exploring the hidden and overlooked areas of Balboa and using those areas as inspiration for multimedia projects. SDAI also has aftercare available until 4pm at an additional $10 per day.

Birch Aquarium

The Birch Aquarium in La Jolla is home to more than 5,000 types of sea life and features research done at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego. The Birch Aquarium has something for every age. The habitats are beautiful to look at, there is a giant kelp forest and a bioluminescent Infinity Cube. Younger visitors will not only enjoy the colorful fish but get to touch starfish in the Tide Pools and explore energy in an outdoor interactive play area. During the Summer, Birch runs summer camp programs for the ages 4-15. The week-long sessions are full or half day based on age and activity.

Birch Camps: Ages 4-7

Campers ages 4-7 will stay at the Aquarium and learn about Marine Life through hands-on activities, arts, crafts, stories and aquarium exploration. Camps are week-long, half-day sessions in the morning or afternoons.

Birch Camps: Ages 7-8

Campers ages 7-8 will spend the week-long, full-day sessions exploring the aquarium as well as the coast. Field trips will be taken for hands-on interactive experiences. At the end of each session friends and family are invited to a showcase of the art and science projects that were inspired by the experience.

Birch Camps: Ages 9-15

The oldest campers have many different Birch experiences to choose from. Campers can go behind the scenes of Marine Biology and Oceanography and learn next to scientists. For campers who’d rather see things up close, there are Snorkeling and Surfing Sessions offered. Camps are Half-Day or Full-Day based on the session.

Living Coast Discovery Center

The Living Coast Discovery Center educates children about local wildlife, environmental protection, and coastal conservation. The center is quaint and has sea turtles, rays, and spiny lobsters. There are also feathered friends such as owls and falcons. Living Coast is great for an afternoon picnic and also has hiking trails that lead to the beach. Living Coast offers several day camps and a Keeper Program for teens throughout the year.

Spring Camp

During Spring Break the Living Coast Discovery Center has camp sessions available for kids 4 years old-6th Grade. Kids will learn about wildlife through animal encounters, crafts, and games.


Choose between two-day or three-day, half-day camps.

  • Hours: 9:30am-12:30am
  • Price: $52/2-Day Session; $78/3-Day Session

Grades 1-3

Week-long, half-day camps.

  • Hours: 9:30am-12:30am, 1pm-4:30pm
  • Price: $52/2-Day Session; $78/3-Day Session

Grades 4-6

Week-long, full-day camps. 4th and 6th graders will choose between sessions that also feature Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaking on San Diego Bay.

  • Hours: 9am-4:40pm
  • Price: $260/week (Member discounts available)

Keeper 101

Keeper 101 gives teens a two-day behind-the-scenes look at animal care. Campers will shadow Staff and learn how to feed the birds, clean enclosures, and get to handle some of the animal ambassadors. Offered various times of the year, Living Coast limits the class to 5 students for a personalized experience.


SeaWorld is an aquarium, a theme park, a marine mammal park and more. In recent years SeaWorld has become a polarizing topic. To combat that, they have switched their themes to conservation. They have also added rides and attractions without animals to cater to families. Over the Summer SeaWorld has several week-long camps available for children in Grades 1-6.

Summer Camps

During the summer months, SeaWorld offers campers a unique view of the park. Children will learn about marine life while exploring the attractions and having animal encounters. Throughout the week campers will also play games, make crafts, and participate in several educational hands-on activities.

Little Fish Comic Book Studio

Little Fish Comic Book Studio provides art instruction and an insight into the comic book industry. Little Fish not only teaches children how to improve their drawing skills, the ultimate goal is to publish the material. Little Fish offers instruction year-round but also hosts Spring and Summer Camps for children ages 7-16.

San Diego Derby Dolls

Roller Derby teaches players how to stay focused and be calm while under pressure while promoting athleticism and community. The San Diego Derby Dolls were established in 2005 and represent San Diego with integrity. For kids 7-17, the Derby Dolls offers a Junior Training Camp over the Summer. The camp includes two days of training and an actual bout. The camp is for beginners through advanced skaters, however, campers must be able to skate one lap unassisted. Full Gear is required.

San Diego Circus Camps

The San Diego Circus Center provides world-class circus training in San Diego. The faculty is made up of people who have worked with Cirque de Soleil, Cirque de la Mer and the San Diego Zoo. Camps will include Aerial Arts (Trapeze, Silks, and Lyra),  as well as floor work (tumbling, juggling and clowning). Circus Camp provides a safe and fun environment that encourages kids to try new things, build confidence and make great friends. At the end of each session, campers will display their new skills for friends and family.

Surfside Ranch

Kids that love horses will love Surfside Ranch. The 5-day Summer Horse Course teaches children 7 and above everything they need to know about horses. The Horse Course includes daily horseback riding in the arena, on trails, and along the beach. Kids will learn the difference between Western and English riding styles, grooming, and how to saddle. Between horses, campers can also play with goats, pigs llamas and the other animals that live on the ranch. At the end of each session friends and family are invited to see what the kids have learned. Half-Day Sessions are available for younger campers. Extended Care is available from 7am to 6pm for an additional $15/hour.

Del Mar Golf Center

Right next to the Fairgrounds Del Mar Golf Center has a driving range, putting green and short-game practice area. The Golf Center also has a great teaching staff on hand to help improve technique and lower scores. The Golf Center offers two summer camps for kids that teach as well as entertain.

FUNdamentals Summer Camp

The FUNdamentals Summer Camp helps new golfers (ages 4+) develop a love for the game through fun and age-appropriate methods. The Golf Center teaches safety, etiquette, and golf skills. The teaching methods also include fun exercises like skipping and hopping to teach coordination and control. Equipment will provided and each camper will receive a water bottle, shirt and daily snack.


SMASH Camp uses advanced training and exercise techniques to help golfers of all levels. The first two days of camp are held at the Del Mar Golf Center and are spent teaching campers methods that will help lower their scores and improve their athletic abilities. The second two days are spent on a golf course and incorporate newly learned skills with game play. Equipment and healthy snacks are provided. Campers will receive a hat, shirt and water bottle.

Camp Del Mar

Horse racing Season has been part of San Diego culture since 1937. From mid-July through September fans gather at the Del Mar Fairgrounds to cheer and bet on the ponies. The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club has made the races family-friendly.

Camp Del Mar

Every race day the Thoroughbred Club offers Camp Del Mar. Kids aged 5-12 can enjoy miniature golf, crafts, activities, and more while their parents are at the races. Camp also includes lunch, a snack and a t-shirt. For only $24/day, kids can have as much fun as mom and dad. (Parent or guardian must remain on-grounds)

Nike Junior Golf Camp at Torrey Pines Golf Course

Located on top of the cliffs in La Jolla, the Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course has one of the most breathtaking views in Southern California. Two 18-hole courses hug the edge of the cliff and overlook the Pacific below. Open in 1957, the course has even been selected to host the 2021 United States Open Championship. During the summer Torrey Pines offers full-day Nike Junior Golf Camps. Campers check-in at 12:30 pm and spend the day receiving instruction and playing golf with PGA and LPGA staff until sunset.

Solana Beach Summer Day Camp

The Solana Beach Summer Day Camp is one of the most popular camps in the area. Week-long sessions include beach games, swimming, arts, crafts and Wednesday Field Trips to places like the Wave Waterpark, Balboa Park, and the Zoo. Camper ages 12-16 can participate in the “Leader in Training” program for only $30/week. Campers meet at the Fletcher Cove Community Center Mondays-Wednesdays and Friday and meet at La Colonia Park on Thursdays. Aftercare is also available for $35/week.

Padres Baseball Camp

During the Summer the San Diego Padres offer several Baseball Camps throughout San Diego County. Kids will get to meet players and coaches from the current Padres team, and get two tickets for a Padres game in August. Campers will spend the week training and compete in groups based on age. The format keeps the campers engaged and encourages a love for the game. All campers will receive a San Diego Baseball Camp uniform (jersey, pants, belt, and socks), an official camper pin, 2 tickets to a Padres game and more.

Padres Baseball Camp Dates and Locations

June 18-22: La Jolla Cliffridge Park, 8311 Cliffridge Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037

June 25-29: 4S Ranch, 4S Ranch Sports Park, 16118 4S Ranch Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92127

July 9-13: Chula Vista, Mount San Miguel Park, 2335 Paseo Veracruz, Chula Vista, CA 91914

July 16-20: Poway, Sportsplex USA, 12349 McIvers Ct, Poway, CA 92064

July 23-27: Point Loma, Bill Cleator Community Park, Nimitz Blvd & Famosa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92107

July 30-August 3: Carlsbad, Stagecoach Community Park, 3420 Camino De Los Coches, Carlsbad, CA 92009

August 6 – August 10: Del Mar, Ashley Falls Park, 13030 Ashley Falls Dr, San Diego, CA 92130

Concept Surf Camps

Based out of Moonlight Beach, Concept Surf Shop hosts surf camps for kids of all skill levels and ages. The youngest kids can enjoy Little Groms Surf Camp which focuses on beach safety as well as ocean fun. For older kids, the Spring and Summer Camps are kept very small at one instructor per 3 campers to allow individualized instruction. During the school year Concepts holds after-school sessions.

Little Groms Surf Camp

Little Groms Surf Camp teaches kids ages 5-8 about beach safety and surfing. Camp activities begin with stretching and talking about water conditions. Kids will learn about Riptides and how to calmly navigate their way out of them. Campers will also learn about Stingrays and how to do the “Stingray Shuffle”, to keep the marine life at bay. Campers will get to explore surfing, boogie boarding and body surfing. Little Groms keeps kids in their comfort zone and allows campers to gradually build confidence. Campers also get snack breaks and play beach games.

Moonlight Beach Surf Camps

Spring Camps

Surf Camps provide a fun and safe environment for kids to learn how to surf, or to improve their skills. Campers will learn technique, etiquette, safety and develop their skill set. Spring Break Camps are offered the first two weeks in April, from 9am-12pm, Monday-Friday. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Summer Camps

Surf Camps provide a fun and safe environment for kids to learn how to surf, or to improve their skills. Campers will learn technique, etiquette, safety and develop their skill set. At the end of each session campers are treated to a pizza party and parents are invited to watch them show off their new surf skills. All ages and skill levels are welcome.