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20+ Things to Do in Vista with Kids

20+ Things to Do in Vista with Kids

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Incorporated as a city in 1963, Vista is home to ranches, the Village, industrial areas, and several communities. The diversity of the area is great for families and provides many different options for entertainment, education, and fun!

Buena Vista Park and the Arroyo Vista Trail

Buena Vista Park has a nice grassy area and a small duck pond. The park itself isn’t very big, but there are picnic tables and a restroom, which makes it a nice place for an afternoon picnic. The pond is home to several Mallards, and kids will love to watch them paddle along. On the southern end of the parking lot, you can find the Arroyo Vista Trail. The easy trail goes into a natural area along the Agua Hedionda Creek. It is shaded by Sycamore and Oak trees and is ideal for a family hike.

Vista Branch Library

Bordering the Vista Civic Center, the Vista Branch Library is part of the San Diego County Library System. The inside is open and bright with a separate Children’s Area. The library offers programs geared towards families with kids of all ages. Smaller children will enjoy various storytimes, school-age children will have fun with Lego building, teens activities include movie nights, and the library hosts family events throughout the year.


The Vista Branch Library offers Baby, Toddler and Preschool Storytimes four days a week. Storytime is invaluable to developing minds. Listening to books being read aloud exposes kids to new language and ideas. Watching how the book is held, and how the pages are turned, are some of the first steps to literacy. Being in a group teaches socialization and self-control.

Toddler Storytime

Mondays and Wednesdays: 10:30 am

Baby Storytime

Tuesdays: 10:30 am.

Preschool Playtime or Storytime

Fridays: 10:30 am

Milk and Cookies Storytime

Tuesdays: 6pm

On Tuesday evenings, the library hosts a special Milk and Cookies Storytime for the whole family. At 6pm, join other families for stories, music, and of course, milk and cookies.

Storybox Theater

On the third Thursday of the month, at 3:30 pm, the library presents Storybox Theater. Children can watch the art of traditional Japanese storytelling known as Kamishibai. The storyteller uses a small wooden box that holds illustrations as they narrate the story.

Homework Help:

Times: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4pm

Kindergarten-6th Grade

Kids can sign in and receive 30 minutes of free tutoring time.

Magic the Gathering:

Time: Tuesday, 3:30pm-5pm

Magic the Gathering is a popular card game that teaches strategy, math, critical thinking and decision making in a fun way. The cards are covered in artwork and the game is more fun with others. On Tuesdays, the library hosts a meet-up for Magic players to get together. If your child is new to the game, the library also provides decks to play with.

Teen Wednesday:

Time Wednesday at 4pm

13-17 years old.

Wednesday after school, the library hosts a variety of teen activities and crafts. Also, the first Wednesday of the month a Teen Advisory Group helps decide what materials they would like added to the young adult collection.

See the library schedule for other teen events throughout the year, including movie nights and tech weeks.

Lego Madness:

Time: Friday at 3pm

5 years and up

Build with peers in this fun Lego meetup. The program encourages problem solving and creativity.

Multiplayer Fridays:

Time: Friday, 3pm-4:30pm

Grades 6-12

Cooperative and competitive game playing on the XBox or PS4. An afterschool gathering ground for players.

Alta Vista Botanical Gardens

The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens are almost hidden in the northeast corner of Brengle Terrace Park. A great community resource, the inland garden highlights the natural beauty of Vista, through landscape, education, and art. The grounds include a children’s garden with instruments, a human sundial, various sculptures, and a labyrinth. The Children’s Garden is also available for Birthday Parties.

Kids in the Garden (3 years old – 6th Grade)

Join the gardens the second Saturday of every month, for Kids in the Garden. The Kids in the Garden program teaches kids about the environment and gardening. Every class has a different focus and can include music, crafts, hands-on learning, tours of the gardens and more. The classes also coincide with seasonal garden festivals that include kids activities, vendors, and plant sales.

North County Academy of Music Performance

The North County Academy of Music Performance (NCAMP) is more than a music school, it takes students beyond lessons and onto performance. NCAMP offers a variety of lessons, camps and after-school programs that incorporate kids into live bands. These jams sessions give kids the freedom to try new instruments and teaches them how to work as a team. A great way to meet friends and get onstage experience, NCAMP is an excellent resource for anyone who loves music.

After School Rock Band

Ages: 6-12 years old

Cost: $159/Session

Tuesday and Thursday: 4pm-5:45pm

The After School Rock Band is a six-week program that requires no previous musical experience. NCAMP provides all the materials and instruments and teaches kids through musical activities and games. By the end of the session, the students perform live on stage.

Teen Rock Band

Ages: 13-18 years old

Cost: $129/Session

Thursday: 6:30pm-8pm

Professional musicians help students create a working band. For six weeks, the band rehearses and at the end of the session, they get to play live at a local venue.

Moonlight Amphitheater

Located in Brengle Terrace Park, Moonlight Amphitheater is an ideal venue for families to attend. The outdoor stage has several seating options, including grassy areas perfect for a picnic. Moonlight hosts a variety of events throughout the year including Symphonies, Musicals, Bands, Family Movie Nights and more. The Amphitheater is a wonderful way to introduce children to the arts, the outdoor environment means that families with kids of all ages can relax and enjoy.

Antique Gas and Steam Museum

The Antique Gas and Steam Museum is a unique Vista destination. On over 55 acres, the museum was founded in 1976 and has a collection that focuses on early American life and technology. The main exhibit includes a wide array of machines and vehicles that are located throughout the grounds. Another popular exhibit is the Farmhouse and Parlor that represent what life was like at the turn of the century.

The museum is a parent organization to several other groups including Vista Forge (part of the California Blacksmith Association), N’ Scale Short Track Railroad, Palomar Handweavers, and the West Coast Clock & Watch Museum. On Saturdays, the public can watch various demonstrations from each of these groups.

N’ Scale Short Track Railroad



Set up in the Section House, the N’ Scale Short Track Railroad has three layouts set up for the public to view. The Young and Victorious track was built specifically to be run by kids. Make sure to stop by on Saturdays from 9am-1pm for their Open House. The STRR is also available for Scout Groups and has Certified Merit Badge Counselors for Boy Scouts Groups.

Weavers Building

Thursday and Saturday


On Saturdays kids can visit the Weavers Barn which houses over 50 looms, spinning wheels and other tools needed to turn fiber into cloth. During that time, volunteers craft, and share their knowledge with the community.

Blacksmith Shop



The Blacksmith Barn located in Building G has over 15 forging stations. On Saturdays, you can see live Blacksmith demonstrations.

The Blacksmith Barn also offers a Blacksmithing 101 Youth Class. Minors (ages 10-17) may enroll in the class with an adult. Together the pair will learn the basics of the trade. The program starts with the Coal Forge, students will learn to light and use it to heat the metal. Next, tools will be introduced to forge, twist and bend metal into shapes. Students will work on three projects during the program, including making their first set of Blacksmith tongs.

Clock and Watch Exhibit



On Saturdays, Docents are available to answer any questions about the exhibit.

Tempest Freerunning Academy

Tempest Freerunning Academy celebrates freedom of movement, at their world-renowned Freerunning and Parkour Training Facility. While Parkour and Freerunning may seem similar, Parkour is about getting from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way, while Freerunning is moving between points with style. What really sets Tempest apart is their colorful and fun themed environments. Kids will feel like they’re in a video game as they run and jump through the space. Tempest offers a variety of classes for kids of all ages and skill level. Tempest also has open gym times and is available for birthday parties.


Ages: 4 and 5 years old

Young kids get to explore the exciting Tempest environment through obstacle courses that change with each class. The program improves balance, coordination, and spatial awareness.


Ages: 6-8 years old

Guided by gentle and encouraging coaches, Tadpoles learn foundational skills and safety at the gym. The class builds confidence and teaches moves so that students can continue their growth in Parkour and Freerunning.

Beginner Program

Ages: 9-16 years old

For those new to Parkour, the Beginner Program will teach full body awareness, build strength and improve balance.

PK All Day

Ages: 9-16 years old

Students transition from soft to hard obstacles and learn Technical Parkour movements.

Train Hard Kong Harder

Ages 9-16 years old

For students who have mastered vaults and are ready to learn advanced Parkour movements. This class also includes a focus on bar techniques.

Hardcore Parkour

Ages: 9-16 years old

Hardcore Parkour is for students ready to learn advanced Parkour movements. This class will also introduce the basic flips and tricks used in Freerunning.

Monitored Open Gym

Ages: 9-16

For kids 16 and under, Monitored Open Gym lets kids work on skills at their own pace. The time is monitored by experienced coaches, and is a great time to have some fun.

DeLeon Dynamics

DeLeon Dynamics is a small specialized gym that focuses on Aerial Arts, Parkour, and Movement. Whether dancing in the air or traversing a parkour course, the gym teaches creativity, quick thinking, and individuality. Group classes use skill sheets that allow students to safely progress at their own pace and physical ability. Once skills are mastered, students use them to flow between aerial poses or parkour obstacles. DeLeon also has open gym, camps, Parents Night Out and is available for birthday parties.

Aerial (7 years and older)

The DeLeon Dynamics Aerial Program includes many types of aerial arts. Beginners can try Aerial Silks, Hammock, Lyra, and Static Trapeze. Students will learn basic technique, and be able to do poses after their first class! The class also includes stretches and conditioning to prevent injury and build strength.

Parkour and Urban Ninja (6 years and older)

The Parkour and Urban Ninja Program includes skills you’d need to be an American Ninja Warrior. The area includes a bars course, finger-hold ledges, a traveling wall, incline walls, Chinese poles, vault boxes and more. Learn to run, jump, and roll over obstacles.

Pre-K Cirque (3-5 years old) and Flying and Floor FUNdamentals (5-7 years old)

Younger children can enjoy Pre-K Parkour & Cirque, or Flying & Floor FUNdamentals. Both of these classes introduce the basic techniques and safety.

Open Gym (6-16 years)

On Friday nights, 6pm-8pm, DeLeon has open Gym. Practice skills, try new techniques, or just play a game. Open to the public, Open Gym is a great way to get the feel of the space. $10.

Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen

Located in Vista Village, Little Cakes Kitchen is a family-run bakery that serves delicious desserts to North County. The owners, Don and Becky Hein, have been Vista residents for over 10 years. Little Cakes is a two-time winner of the popular show, Cupcake Wars, and is a fun family treat. Flavors rotate daily, popular cupcakes include Pancakes and Bacon, Tuxedo (a Cupcake Wars Winner), and Strawberry Lemonade. Little Cakes doesn’t just have cupcakes, but also fruit bouquets, cheesecakes, and other baked goods.

Yaya’s Fruit Bar

Mexican desserts are colorful, sweet, spicy and unique. If you haven’t discovered the multi-layered treats, Yaya’s Fruit Bar is a great place to start. Mexican treats use a variety of ingredients and flavors, like fresh fruit, chamoy, Japanese peanuts, lime, and chile. When combined these ingredients create a tasty flavor explosion in your mouth. Yaya’s menu is extensive and has something for everyone.

Raspados are a type of snow cone, topped with a fresh fruit syrup (lighter than traditional syrup). Fresas Con Crema, or Strawberries with Cream, is heavy cream layered with strawberries and Whipped Cream. Pico de Gallo is a cup of fresh fruit slices topped with lime and chile. Savory delights include Elote, which is roasted corn topped with your choice of flavors, and Tostilocos. Tostilocos are a signature Mexican snack served in a bag of chips. The bag is opened along the side, and the chips are topped with lime, chile, peanuts, chamoy, cucumber, and jicama. For something lighter, try an Agua Fresca. These delicious fresh water and fruit infusions come in flavors like watermelon, mango, and cucumber.

Yaya’s also has a traditional dessert menu that includes ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies and açai bowls. Yaya’s Fruit Bar is a fun afternoon treat for the whole family.

Altitude Trampoline Park

New to Vista, Altitude Trampoline Park has over 26,000 feet of pure family fun! Like other Trampoline Parks, Altitude is filled with foam pits, trampolines, a dodgeball court, and basketball dunking courts. What makes Altitude stand out is the Rock Climbing Wall, Gymnastics Tumble Tracks, High-Performance Trampolines and The Battlebeam. Altitude caters to the whole family and has special events for kids of all ages.

Toddler Time:

Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm

6 years and under

$6.95/Hour; Parents$2/Hour

Altitude is open for jumpers of all ages, which is great for families. However, for those with only younger children, the big kids can sometimes be intimidating. Fortunately, Altitude offers a special Toddler Time just for kids 6 years and younger. On weekdays from 10am-1pm, jumpers under 6 will receive a discounted rate of $6.95 per hour. Parents are $2/hour. All jumpers are required to wear Altitude Socks.

Friday Night Frenzy:

Saturday: 7pm-10pm

All Ages


Friday Night Frenzy offers three hours of fun for only $25! This event is open to all ages.

Teen Night:

Saturday: 8pm-11pm

12 Years and Older


A great place for teens to meet their friends on Saturday nights. Teen night is only open to kids 12 and up. Each ticket price includes two slices of pizza and water.

Lil’ Busy Bodies

Play is how children under 5 learn how to interact with their environment, their parents and their peers. Lil’ Busy Bodies encourages play in a positive, fun and safe environment. Their goal is to instill a love of learning at an early age. To help achieve this, Lil’ Busy Bodies has a series of programs for children 5 and under. Additionally, Lil’ Busy Bodies runs a Preschool, is available for birthday parties and parents night out.

Tiny Tutus Tap, Ballet, and Tumbling

2-4 years old

Tuesdays: 9:15 am

Tiny Tutus introduces dance to little ones through fun and silly songs. Kids will twirl, jump, and spin while learning to follow directions and take turns.  

Baby PlayGym

7-24 months

Thursdays: 9:15 am

Baby PlayGym gives kids a safe and fun space to play and explore. Physical play helps to develop visual, auditory gross motor development. Gym time also includes songs, instruments, and toys. This class is also a great place for parents to connect and meet other families in the area.

Music Together Class

Newborn-5 years old

Thursdays: 5:30 pm

Music Together is a 10-week program that enhances child development through song, movement, and music. Kids will explore rhythm, melody, tonality and beat in a fun and social environment.

Lil’ Learners Preschool Prep

18 months – 3 years old

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:30 am

PlaySchool inspires imagination and self-expression through hands-on activities. Kids will gain self-confidence through play, art, and music.

Mommy & Me Yoga

5 weeks – 3 years

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:30 pm

Tailored for new moms, the class is a wonderful way to get out of the house and take a moment to center. Children will be close by as moms honor their bodies and socialize.

Family Yoga Stretch and Play

5 weeks – 3 years

1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month: 11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Fun for the whole family, this class combines yoga stretches with music and baby sign language.

Parents Night Out

Walking-6 years old

Saturdays: 4:30pm-8:30pm


Enjoy a night out while knowing that your child is having fun in a safe environment. Kids will have a blast playing in the gym, eating pizza and watching a movie.

Narvalo Ice Cream And Gelato

Ice Cream is always a fun family treat. It’s even more fun when the shop is decorated in a playful way. Narvalo Ice Cream and Gelato is family-owned and serves a variety of indulgent flavors. The decor has an arctic theme and their logo is a narwhal (with an ice cream cone for a horn). Narvalo serves Ice Cream, Gelato and Sorbetto and has a playful menu of specialty sundaes. The Torched S’more is Rocky Road Ice Cream, topped with Graham Cracker Crumble, Whipped Cream, Ghirardelli Chocolate, Caramel Drizzle and finished with torched marshmallows. The Narwhal Nachos uses broken waffle cones for “chips”, topped with your choice of ice cream and toppings. Can’t decide what to get? Narvalo also offers Flights of three mini cones.

Cinépolis Junior

Cinépolis Junior has created a one-of-a-kind movie theater, with kids in mind. The theater is bright and colorful and has a huge play structure along the side. For safety reasons, kids are not allowed to play in the dark, but the theater opens the doors 20 minutes early to allow plenty of time to explore. For younger children, there is a small play space in front of the screen. Halfway through the showing, the theater turns on the lights for a 15-minute intermission. Kids can play, get snacks, or visit the bathroom without missing the movie! The Junior theater has reserved seating and parents can choose from rocking seats, lounge chairs, or double bean bags. The theater shows Rated G and PG movies seven days a week and is an affordable and fun activity for the whole family.


Boomers is a Family Fun Park that has miniature golf, go-karts, Batting Cages and more. Well loved over the years, Boomers may be a little worn, but is still a fun place to spend the day. The park has attractions, a video arcade, and a Johnny Rockets onsite. Things to know before you go: Make sure to wear closed toe shoes (many rides require them). To avoid disappointment, look at the age and height requirement for each attraction before going. Boomers offers several discounts you can purchase online, but be sure to print hard copies at home prior to your visit. Boomers is also available for school groups, birthday parties, scouts, and teams.

Miniature Golf

All ages.

$8 (Children under 5 free with paying adult)

Boomers has two Miniature Golf Courses that are fun for the whole family. Choose between the Pirates Cove Course or King Arthur’s Royal Court, each has fun holes with obstacles to make the game more challenging.

Go Karts

Height Requirements: Driver must be 58”, Passenger must be 40”


Kids love Go-Karts! Racing or riding, it’s always fun to go around the corners and see how fast you can complete the course. Closed toed shoes required. Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back.

Bumper Boats

Height Requirements: Driver must be 44”, Passenger must be 40”


Bumper Boats are a great way to cool off on hot days. Prepare to be soaked because each boat comes equipped with a water cannon. Bump and splash your friends and see who can make it out dry!  To drive a passenger you must be 18 years or older.

Batting Cages

Price: $2/25 pitches, $10/15 minutes, $18/30 minutes, $32/60 minutes

Boomers Batting Cages are equipped for any type of hitter. Whether you want to improve your batting average or swing just for the fun of it, Boomers has you covered. Choose between a slow pitch softball machine or a baseball pitching machine that can hurl the ball at 70mph.

Boomers also provides helmets and bats, or you can bring your own. Closed toed shoes and helmets required.

Kidopolis, Helicopters and Spinning Tea Cups

Price: $8/2 Rides

Height Requirements: Kidopolis: Under 48”; Helicopters and Tea Cups: 36” or taller.

At Boomers, younger kids can enjoy mini amusement park rides. Fly a helicopter up, down, and around or spin faster and faster in your own teacup!  Kids under 48” may enjoy Kidopolis, where they can climb, crawl and slide in a colorful play structure. Socks are required for Kidopolis.


Indoors at Boomers, you’ll find over 100 video games. Play for fun or win tickets to claim prizes. Game cards can be purchased for any dollar amount. Virtual tickets are recorded on game cards.

Laser Tag


Teams fight for bragging rights on the Boomers Laser Tag Battleground. Enter the blacklight maze with friends and try to tag people without getting hit. Laser tag is competitive, strategic and fun!

The Wave Waterpark

The Wave Waterpark is open during the months of May-September. Popular with North County residents, the waterpark has lots of amenities for kids during the summer months. Not only does the waterpark have several attractions, they also host camps, classes, night events and more. The Wave is also available for scout groups and birthday parties.


The Wave (42” and Up): The main attraction is what the park is named for. The simulated wave gives rides the perfect beach break every time!

The Slide Tower (42” and Up): The tower is made up of 4 different slides. These include open slides, dark slides, body slides and tube slides.

Rip Tide Slide (42” and Up): A single tube slide that lands in the “Crazy” River.

El Rio Loco: The Crazy River is in the center of the park and can be enjoyed in or out of a tube.

Competition Pool: The temperature-controlled pool is perfect for lap swimming, floating or playing.

Rippity’s Rainforest (Under 48”): A four-story play structure for younger kids to safely play. The area includes a splash pad.

Swim Lessons:

$50/Session (4 Classes)

The Wave opens up in April for swim lessons. Lessons are available for all levels of swimmers, from babies to adults. Swim lessons also include a free Wave Waterpark ticket at the end of class)



Monday-Friday: 8am-2:30pm

Splash Camps (7-15 years old): The Wave offers several themed camps throughout the summer. The themes include pirates, surf, Olympics, superhero, and more. The camps are a great way to keep children entertained in the summer months. For working parents, camp hours can be extended until 4pm, free of charge!

Counselor-In-Training (12-15 years old): Older campers can join the Counselor-In-Training program. This program teaches leadership skills by working directly with the counselors and helping run themed camp activities. This program is limited to 10 participants per session.

Jr. Lifeguards:

10-15 years old


Monday-Friday: 7:30am-2:30pm

Junior Lifeguards learn invaluable skills while having fun. Participants will learn water rescues, CPR, First Aid and Spinal Management. Jr. Lifeguards also shadow the real wave lifeguards and learn hand signals, whistle signals, and how to handle emergency situations confidently. The week-long program is educational, engaging and entertaining. Also, parents can sign up for extended free play (until 4pm) for free!

Flow Rider Classes:

At least 42” tall



Rip Riders (Intermediate/Advanced): 4:45pm-5:25pm

Grom Riders (Beginners): 5:30pm-6:10pm

Flow Rider Classes are for beginners that want to learn to surf the simulated wave, or for more advanced riders who are training for the Flow Rider Competition.

Water Polo Classes:

7 years +


The Wave Water Polo classes are a great way to get introduced to the sport. For beginners, this class will teach the rules of the game and basic techniques. Participants must be at least 7 years old and be able to swim 100 yards without stopping and tread water without hands for 1 solid minute.

Mermaid Program:

5-11 years old


The Mermaid Program creates unique and magical memories for young kids. Meet a real mermaid and learn how to swim with a tail (monofin). Individual classes are held before the park opens, and participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end. The mermaid program is also available for large groups, and as an add-on to birthday parties or badge programs.

BLAST! Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training:

11 years +


The Blast Program is a wonderful resource for new babysitters and offers extensive training in first aid, household safety, and childcare fundamentals. Aside from safety, the class also prepares kids for interviews and reviews which games and activities are appropriate for babysitting.

Get Air

Get Air Vistas main feature is wall-to-wall trampolines. Like most Trampoline Parks, Get Air also features foam pits, dodgeball, and slamball. Unique activities are the Slack Line and Ninja Course. The Slack Line is similar to a tightrope. Luckily, the “rope” is not far off the cushioned ground. The Ninja Course is an obstacle course that tests strength, problem solving and endurance. The indoor park is divided into Big Air and Little Air based on height. Every jumper under 46” must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Little Air is a separate jumping area to keep smaller kids safe. Little Jumpers are also allowed in the Foam Pits, Slamball, Slackline, Fidget Ladders, and Obstacles.

Along with the facility amenities, Get Air Vista also hosts a variety of special events including Toddler Time, Special Time and Club Air. Check out their website for deals and discounts. Get Air is also available for birthday parties.

Toddler Time

Tuesday and Thursday: 10am-Noon

Under 46”

$9/Child, Parent or guardian jumps free

A safe time when little jumpers have the trampolines all to themselves. Parents may also jump near their little ones. (Toddler Time is not available on holidays or blackout dates).

A Special Time Just For You

Saturday: 8am-10am

Price: $16/Big Air, $9/Little Air

On Saturday mornings, Get Air offers a time for jumpers with special needs. The music is lowered and the atmosphere is calmer. Parents or guardians may help support jumpers at this time if necessary. Siblings may also jump for the same rate, but must be more cautious during this time. (A Special Time Just For You is not available on holidays or blackout dates).

Club Air

Friday and Saturday


Price: $15/2 hours, $20/3 hours

Club Air is a great late night party. Jumpers can enjoy music, fun and friends!

  • Get Air Vista
  • Open Jump: Monday, Wednesday: 10am-10pm; Tuesday, Thursday: 12pm-10pm; Friday, Saturday: 10am-12am; Sunday: 10am-8pm
  • Admission: Big Air: $16/hour, $26/2 hours; Little Air (Under 46”): $9/hour, $16/2 hours
  • Socks (required): $3
  • 2755 Dos Aarons Way, Vista, CA 92081

Glowzone North County

Located in south Vista, the Glow Zone Family Fun Center has unique attractions for all ages. The huge glowing space houses agility courses, play structures, mini-golf, bumper cars, a cafe and more. Between all of the attractions, you’ll find unique video games, like a larger than life Space Invaders. Glowzone pricing is a little difficult to navigate the first time. Here’s how it works: You can either pay by the hour and try every attraction or you can pay by the attraction. The Unlimited Attraction Pass (by the hour), is a great option for slower days. When the lines are short you can try almost every activity in an hour ($20) or two ($35), and even repeat the ones you like. However, if you go on a crowded day, when the lines are long, the wait time can take away from how many activities you get to do. On those days, the Challenge Passes are a better bet. These passes let you buy packages of 3 ($15), 4  ($20) or 8 ($35)  Attractions. What that means is on busy days you can choose what you want to do, each activity counts as one attraction, if you have anything left on your card, it rolls over to your next visit. Challenge Passes also come with a $5 Arcade credit. Glowzone also has many daily specials to take advantage of.

Glowzone requires closed-toe shoes for most attractions. Also check height, age, and weight limits for attractions prior to your visit. Glowzone is also available for birthday parties.


Skyscraper Ropes Course

Minimum Height: 48”

When you enter the main Glowzone arena, look up. That’s where you’ll find the Skyscraper Ropes Course. 26’ above the other attractions, the course has nets, ropes, obstacles and even a zip line. Look down on the other guests as you navigate your way through the course.

Ninja Warrior Course

7 years +

American Ninja Warrior is a phenomenon and has kids of all ages excited to test their agility and strength. The Glowzone Ninja Warrior Course is challenging. Kids will have to run, jump, leap and climb their way to the finish line. The course is timed and the only way to stop the clock is by pressing the buzzer on top of the vertical wall. Only a select few get to climb down the victory ladder after they have successfully mastered the course.

Bazooka Ball

7 years and older (Younger kids may participate if accompanied by an adult)

Bazooka Ball is a painless hybrid of Paintball and Laser Tag. Participants gear up and battle against each other in teams. Players shoot foam balls at each other and score by hitting the opposing team’s armor or targets.

Rock Climbing

At least 5 years and 45lbs

The Rock Climbing section of Glowzone has 28’ walls. Challenge yourself to see if you can make it to the top, or challenge someone else to see who’s fastest.

Drop Slide

7 years +

The Drop Slide is not for the faint of heart. Adrenaline junkies will have to use their own strength to hold onto a bar, as they are hoisted 30’ into the air. Went they let go, they fall completely vertically until the slide portion at the bottom. Drop. Slide.

Pole Walk

At least 5 years and 60lbs

The Pole Walk not only tests agility but fear of heights. The idea is simple, jump from pole to pole. However, the poles start at ground level and climb 20 feet in the air. At the top, you have to take a “leap of faith” back down to the ground. Participants are harnessed, so it’s all safe, but their nerve is definitely tested.

Spin Zone Bumper Cars

At least 5 years and 36

Just below the rope course, you’ll find the Spin Zone Bumper cars. These aren’t your average bumper cars, these cars take the attraction to the next level! Partially controlled by the attendant, these cars not only go where you want them to but are remote controlled to spin in unison! If the cars are “bumped” just right, they will also spin! The cars are elevated on an inflatable tube, so even at full speed, the bumping is fun and smooth, not jerky and rough like most bumper cars. The bumper car area is small, but so much fun!

Laser Course

GlowZone also has a laser course that’s right out of a spy movie. You have to squat and jump and crawl to evade lasers. Beat your own time or challenge an opponent to reach the end before your challenger does.

Miniature Golf

The left side of the facility has its own glowing mini-golf course. From above you can read that the holes spell out “Glowzone”. The course is simple and straightforward and great for families with kids of various ages.

Soft City Jungle Gym:

7 years and under

$10 Per Entry

The Soft City Jungle Gym is a separate area from the other Glowzone Attractions. This area features a giant play structure, couches for the parents and movies on the TVs. Quieter and away from the big kids, you can enter Soft City for $10. Monthly membership allows 10 entries for $80.

Daily Specials:

After School Special:

Monday-Friday: 2pm-4pm

50% Off Passes and Arcade

Max Mondays:

All Day Monday

$10 Max Challenge Passes

Two For One Tuesdays

All Day Tuesday

All Passes and Arcade have Two For One pricing.

Parents Night

Wednesday: 2pm-10pm

Bring the Kids and Parents join the fun for Free!

Babies in Bloom

With a love of babies, and all things birth-related, Babies In Bloom is the go-to resource for growing families. Babies in Bloom has a Boutique, holds classes and events, and even has a Birth Center available.

The Babies in Bloom Boutique is more than just a store. These days new parents can go crazy researching the best baby products online. Babies in Bloom has already done all the work, and has staff on hand, ready to chat about everything a new family may need. The boutique even offers curbside pick-up, because they understand that sometimes the trip from the car to the store is not easy.

Babies in Bloom also offers a series of classes and events for the community. Classes cover everything new parents need to know from the first trimester of pregnancy to toddler nutrition. There are classes on what to expect, CPR and first aid, cloth diapering, sleep coaching, newborn care and more. One of the classes for new parents is Baby and Me Yoga (Newborn-Crawling), where the poses are led through song, and parents can take breaks whenever needed.  Another example is the Sing, Learn and Play class (6 months-5 years), that teaches ESL, songs, stories and encourages imaginative play. There is even a Babysitter Training Class (11 years+) that teaches safety and basic care techniques. Whatever your parenting need, Babies in Bloom has a class, workshop or group that can help.

Babies in Bloom also provides a comfortable and inviting Birth Center. Hospital Birth is not for everyone, and home birth may seem daunting, a Birth Center can be the perfect compromise. Expecting parents use their own midwife and can utilize the amenities of the calming space. Once the child has arrived, Babies in Bloom can also help with Breastfeeding. Although natural, breastfeeding can be difficult and frustrating. Babies and Bloom is there to guide with one-on-one sessions for individual needs and concerns.

Expecting families and new families should check-out all that Babies and Bloom has to offer.

The Wall Climbing Gym

The Wall is an indoor bouldering gym. Bouldering means that climbers practice without ropes or harnesses. The floor is padded, and special falling techniques are used to prevent injury. The gym has a variety of terrain and changes routes frequently to keep the experience fresh. Routes range in difficulty and there are climbs that even the youngest or most inexperienced climber can enjoy. The Wall Climbing Gym is also available for birthday parties.

For kids, the Wall has Youth Climbing Teams open to kids 7 years and older. Climbing is challenging sport that teaches athletes how to overcome obstacles on and off the wall. Qualified coaches guide kids while increasing their confidence, strength and ability. The Youth Program has three different levels to choose from:

Introductory Team:

Tuesdays: 4pm-5:30pm

$240 (Includes 2 Month Membership)

The Introductory Team gives kids a chance to decide if they like climbing and would want to pursue it as a sport. The 2-month program teaches the fundamentals of climbing and safety.

Recreational Team:

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4pm-6pm

$160 (Includes 2 Month Membership)

The Recreational Team is great for kids that love climbing to socialize and learn new skills in a fun and safe environment. The coaches follow a simple curriculum that allows climbers to learn new techniques and apply them immediately. The team is a wonderful place to make new friends while staying healthy and active.

Competitive Team:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 4pm-6pm

$200/month (Includes Membership); Additional $100 Welcome Package required (Includes team duffle, shirts and chalk bucket).

The Competitive Team is for serious climbers that are ready to take their climbing to the next level. The program is built around the USA Climbing Competition schedule. Coaches provide technical, mental and physical training that is tailored to fit each climber’s strengths and weaknesses.

Open Practice:

Saturday: 10:30am-12:30pm

$10 (includes gear rental)

Open Practice is a great way to see what the youth program is all about. For $10 kids can enjoy a day of climbing, play games, eat pizza and test their skills on a Ninja Warrior Course. No commitment is required, but if you sign up for a team at Open Gym you’ll receive a discount of 20% off your first month.

Drea Colores: Drea Colores grew up in Tucson, AZ and now lives in Carlsbad. Writer + Maker + Photographer. IG: dreacolores