YNC Community Guidelines

YNC Community Guidelines

Welcome to YourNorthCounty.com — a community of North County San Diego locals, professionals, and more, sharing and discussing the latest news, ideas, and insights regarding Your North County.

We like to keep things simple, but even simple things need rules. Please keep the following in mind when interacting on YourNorthCounty.com or we may have to ban you from participating. Whatever the situation, it all boils down to this:

“Does it make the YNC community better?”

4 Simple Rules.

  1. Be Awesome.
  2. Submit Only The Best Stuff
  3. Don’t Submit Self-Promotional Content
  4. Two Strikes, & You’re Out

Rule #1 – Be Awesome

Observe awesomeness when writing a comment, giving a response or interacting with your fellow community members. Anger, insults, derogatory language and all other forms of non-awesomeness are unacceptable and not allowed on YNC. Behave on YNC like you would in person.

…but does it make the YNC community better?

We want to share awesome stuff and talk about it. That’s why people come back again and again. We’ll remove malicious messages and the people behind them.

Rule #2: Submit Only The Best Stuff

Only submit the very best news, discussions and ideas for the YNC community that we might not have seen before. This isn’t the place to host everything, but rather the few excellent pieces of content that stand out from the rest.

Broadly speaking, there are 3 kinds of submissions:

  1. “Spam” content – irrelevant, spam or just really poor quality
  2. EPIC content – so good everyone should see it
  3. so-so blah content – everything else

Our role as a community is to push as much EPIC content onto the homepage as we can. If “spam” content does find it’s way onto the site, flag it and we’ll take care of it.

…but does it make the YNC community better?

Yes. The homepage should always be worth visiting. We trust each other to find and submit the “golden nuggets” that are worth reading and talking about. Together we can create a homepage that’s always worth reading.

{Please Note}

  • The content must be 1000 words or more of unique content (i.e. meaning the content you are submitting is brand new and not published anywhere else on the web)
  • The article must contain Hi-Res images (the more images and content the better).
  • The content should also contain internal linking wherever it makes sense(linking to other YNC posts), providing added value to the reader.
  • As far as topics, please run those by our team prior to submitting, so as to ensure that your topic hasn’t already been covered, etc., and to gain approval prior to writing. Again, we are looking for the best of the best, (aka epic content) that has our readers continuously coming back for more.
  • In terms of submitting a noteworthy article, you can do that here: http://yournorthcounty.com/submit/

Rule #3: Don’t Submit Self-Promotional Content

Please don’t spam us with your latest offers. Besides it being tiring to look at on the homepage, it’s not the place for this content. If you have a deal, a promotion/offer, or new info you would like the community to hear about, please submit that here: Advertise on Your North County Earn permission and empathy with your prospective customers, rather than aimlessly spamming a large and diverse audience.

…but does it make the YNC community better?

Self-promotional content falls strictly in the category of “spam,” unless it is submitted correctly, that being on the Advertise on Your North County page. The YNC community is here for the latest and greatest news and discussions concerning Your North County, not your spammy promotional content.

Rule #4 – Two Strikes, & You’re Out

Not being awesome? Submitting garbage? Manipulating the voting? The first flag’s free (though not particularly appreciated) followed by your account being banned on a second offense. Unfortunately, because this project is a labor of love and we’ve all got day jobs, we’re not always able to provide a warning on the first offense, so please be mindful and respect the YNC community.

One Exception: If your 1st action is a first offense, we’ll ban you right off the bat.

Our single biggest type of spammer is the “hit and run” spammer. The type that signs up and uploads a ton of poor quality irrelevant links from their own sites, then never turns up again. Clearing out these spammers takes care of 95% of the breaches of community guidelines. If you’re breaking any one of these community guidelines when you first sign up to YNC, we won’t give you a 2nd chance, you will be forever banned, so please do not do this.

…but does it make the YNC community better?

Yes. People usually respond well to flags, and contribute a lot more positively thereafter. But those who continue to abuse the community aren’t worth keeping. We want to build the best community for Your North County, and that means keeping repeat offenders out.


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