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Show Your Love at the Love Locks in Vista

Love Locks in Vista

If you’ve walked through downtown Vista lately, you’ve probably seen the latest art installation from Randall Art Ranch: Love Locks.

The sculpture, which consists of two giant hearts with a mesh metal interior, was inspired by the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, where couples show their love by locking padlocks to a chain-link fence and throw away the key, tossing them below into the Seine River. The keys… not the couple.

The Love Locks sculpture in Vista was created by two artists, a couple themselves, Rick Randall and Jayden Sterling Randall. The Randalls live in a house that used to belong to Randall’s grandparents, on a property they’ve dubbed Randall Art Ranch and Sterling Gardens. The front yard houses an oversized fairy garden, a testament to the couple’s whimsical flair.

That whimsy shows in the Love Locks sculpture. As with the locks on the bridge in Paris, couples (and friends and families) show their love by locking a padlock onto the fence meshing. Aside from the couple locks, there are locks dedicated to grandparents that have passed away, best friends, and even one honoring a dog named Sampson. A heart shaped box swings between the two larger hearts to plop the keys into since there’s no river nearby to toss a key into.

Have you locked your love yet?

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