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Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas: The Future of Fast Food

Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas Ca

What started as a vision independently among three individuals was a force strong enough to bring them together and create the future of fast food. Their goal is to be a soft landing place to enjoy plant-based food in a welcoming environment with menu items you can easily assimilate.

Welcome to North County Plant Power, we are happy to have you.

That vision was to change the world through combatting the consumption of animal products and the effect it has on the health of millions of people. Jeffrey Harris, Zach Vouga, and Mitch Wallis joined in their mission and in 2016 and opened the first Plant Power in Ocean Beach proving the concept by providing service to hundreds of thousands of customers and closing first-year sales at $1.1 million.

The Encinitas location having just opened in July 2017 is on track for a first year at $2.2 million. And although you might be thinking that most of this traffic is driven in by the vegetarian or vegan population; you’d be wrong. Nearly 80% of the visitors are in a new category aptly named “Flexitarians,” they are omnivores that want the option of eating healthy and enjoy the tasty creations incorporated into their plant-based options.

Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas Ca Up close and personal with Rambler

That’s a lot of plants to consume San Diego! So, what’s ringing in on the till to drive nearly 1 million customers through the door? The answer is simple: you’ll find anything you would on a typical fast-food chain menu but with conscious clearing knowledge that each mouthwatering creation is not only non-GMO, organic, and animal product free; but also, cholesterol free and there are no artificial colors, flavors, and its preservative free.

The spectrum on the menu is simple and appreciated by all. For the comfort of traditional fast foods, you’ll be satisfied with menu items such as burgers, fries, shakes, chicken fingers, and sodas. Those wanting a true vegan staple will be delighted with fresh salads, raw foods such as raw walnut meat tacos and burgers as well as nutrient dense smoothies.

Plant Power Fast Food in Encinitas Ca Breakfast Burrito & Coffee

In typical San Diego style, we love fresh and convenient. The Ocean Beach flagship location offers a Sonic vibe with a cool dine in or drive up option. While our very own Encinitas location has a drive-through or dine on the patio option. Insider suggestion: sit on the patio and soak in the energy of fellow conscious diners while surrounded by a live garden with actual sprouting Kale and vibrant wildflowers behind you.

Once you check in you’ll be hooked on their creative branding and have a better understanding as to why this dream that launched in our very own beach towns of San Diego is on the fast track to success. Harris states “we regularly get requests to franchise from around the globe.” While expansion is in the imminent future for this growing brand it’s a sign of the bigger movement that is happening across the globe: question your food choices and start paying attention to the decisions you make and how you nourish your body.

Get in for breakfast, lunch or dinner at our very own Encinitas location and satisfy your Plant Power fix 7 days a week.

Crystal Hilsley: Crystal also writes at Crystal Clear Health and Crystal Clear Kids and lives in Encinitas with her “mini – me”; they are both proud advocates for kids teaching them the difference between real food and fake food. You’ll find her tearing up San Diego: sweating it out in hot yoga, kicking sand at the beach, wake surfing, and savoring a craft latte which is a daily habit she has no intention of giving up. Ever.