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Weekend Getaway: Big Bear Summer Fun Guide

things to do in big bear lake summer

Just because there hasn’t been much snow in Big Bear the last few years, doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to spend a weekend. Big Bear is a year-round travel destination with plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Big Bear is a great place to go for boating, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, star gazing, or simply spending time in nature.

Next time you need to escape, take a trip up the mountain and check out one of these five things to do in Big Bear.

1. Ride the Scenic Sky Chair at Snow Summit

Rise above it all and enjoy a ride on the Scenic Sky Chair. The views are amazing and the serenity of the quiet ride are  The Scenic Sky Chair holds one to four, so you can go up with some friends, or maybe the kids, or go it alone for the ultimate in peace and quiet. Don’t forget to bring a camera to snap up the vistas of the lake and valley. (Just make sure to have it strapped to you. Once you drop something off the lift, it’s pretty much gone.) The ride up takes about ten minutes.

Tip: Grab some lunch at The View Haus at the top at the end of the ride.

2. Mountain Bike Holcomb Valley Trails

This 20-mile trail is a long dirt road loop with views of Big Bear Lake and Holcomb Valley.
On a bike, the technical difficulty is moderate. Several hill climbs and the length make this close to advanced. If 20 miles is more than you want to ride, you can easily break it up into smaller pieces and loops. Park at the mouth of Polique Canyon, or any of the main trailheads along the north shore area.

Safety Tip: Notify someone of your planned route and estimated time of return. Outdoor activities can be dangerous, so use caution at all times. Make sure to bring plenty of water, food, and adequate equipment.

big bear lake things to do in the summer

3. Zipline Tour

“Fly” through the air just like a bird on a ziplining tour of Big Bear Lake! Zip through the air suspended high above the forest floor, overlooking mountain vistas, through forested landscapes, and cross over rocky canyons. Highly trained guides facilitate the entire tour from equipment checks to clipping in each participant to the zip lines. Riders are fitted with the required equipment including harness, helmet, and heavy duty gloves.

BTW: Zip line tours are now open year round!

4. Water Sports on the Lake

The calm morning waters of Big Bear Lake are perfect for stand up paddle boarding and kayaking. Rent boards and kayaks at Paddles and Pedals. The wind picks up later in the day so be sure to get out early. If you’re more daring, head over to North Shore Landing and take a wave runner out on the water. Never ridden? The lake is a great place to learn.

5. Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Alpine Slide is a fun ride that you’ll want to ride over and over. A chairlift gets you up to the top. Once there, you’ll grab a wheeled sled and roll it over to the track for the ultimate luge experience. The sleds are easily controlled with a single lever that serves as a brake and accelerator. Ride alone and race a friend or ride together. Smaller children will need to ride with a big person.

Note: Magic Mountain also has go-karts, mini golf, and some super splashy water slides!

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