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Where Can a Guy Get an Old-School Shave in #NorthCounty?

Where Can a Guy Get an Old-School Shave in #NorthCounty?

Ahhh, the double edged sword of technology. As much as technology has improved our lives, it sometimes inadvertently cuts out treasured rituals that may seem outdated and arcane, but that hold a purpose beyond just getting a task done faster. The act of shaving ones facial hair with a straight edge razor was replaced by a more efficient technology, but the negative impact of modern disposable razors on the culture of the barbershop cut deep.

The barbershop harkened back to a simpler day when men gathered to discuss everything from business, to sports, to current events while enjoying the pleasurable routine of being groomed by an expert. It was like a spa treatment for guys at a time before anybody had ever even heard of spas.

As with the return to so many timeless rituals in recent years, barbershops are experience a resurgence in popularity. No longer is a haircut an item to check off between a trip to Home Depot and the tire store on the weekend to-do list. And the mundane task of shaving has once again become a special indulgence.

What does a guy get at a barbershop?

Well, for starters, he can experience the lost art of the hot lather shave, usually done with a straight edge. He can also keep his regular cut looking neat and clean with touch ups and neck shaves in between his regular styling. Barbershops also offer beard trims, massages for the neck, shoulders, hands, and feet, and last but not least, a proper shoe shine.

Talk about pampering!

So where in North County can a guy find an old-school barbershop experience? We did a little digging and found quite a few barbershops in North County, but whittled the list down to the shops with a minimum number of reviews across multiple channels and an average rating of great to excellent (or 4-5 stars).

Here’s our short list…

Top 5 Barbershops in North County, San Diego:

Your Turn…

Have you been to any of the barbershops we listed? What was your experience? Is there one that you think should have made the list? Share it in the comments!


Sugar Jones: Sugar Jones has been blogging about life since 2008. She has contributed to various local news stations for lifestyle segments, speaking about tech, social media, travel, food, and family.