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5 North County Workouts Guaranteed to Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolutions

Fitness Resolutions North County San Diego

After a holiday season filled with eating, drinking, and being merry comes the season to make resolutions. It’s no wonder gym memberships double in January. But when all the enthusiasm of a New Year and New You fades, will the treadmill be enough to keep you coming back to meet, or even keep, your fitness goals?

We all know the answer to that one is a big fat “NO.”

You don’t really need more will power. Well, maybe you do… but you know what else you need? You need to change things up a bit. Does the treadmill really excite you? How long can you stand on that elliptical before wanting to pull your hair out? Let’s face it… working out is not that interesting! This year, shake things up. Instead of joining a typical gym, go for a workout that will get you really pumped about getting pumped!

We found a few unique workouts right here in North County that will have you excited to lace up those cross trainers or don those fancy new yoga pants Santa brought you.

1. Train Like a Seal

Break through the mental and physical blocks that have stymied your advancement in life with an actual Navy SEAL! Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine opened SEALFIT in Encinitas for the unique and specialized needs of professionals seeking to reach their fullest potential. They offer several workout options for you to choose from, including two leadership academy options. These workouts go beyond CrossFit by integrating teamwork, leadership development, and “Warrior Spirit.”

The workouts at SEALFIT promote more than just a sculpted physique. The training encourages a stronger state of mind, which is exactly what one needs to stick to those fitness (and lie) goals. To be SEALFIT is to be disciplined, driven, and determined. You won’t just get a great workout here. You’ll learn self-mastery, integrity, courage and authentic leadership.

fitness san diego north county

2. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga looks so sweet and poetic, but don’t let that fool you. It’s a killer workout! The American Council on Exercise found that women who did three 50-minute aerial yoga classes a week for six weeks lost an average 2 percent body fat and about one inch from their waist, all while amping their VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake) by a whopping 11 percent. In fact, aerial yoga qualifies as a moderate-intensity workout that, at times, can veer into vigorous territory.

You can take your yoga to that new aerial level with classes at Trilogy. Classes are held indoors and on their sunny rooftop deck, Trilogy offers a range of aerial classes, from gentle stretching and floating to strength building and dynamic dance-like classes. Aerial yoga is suitable for all ages and bodies, from beginners to advanced yoga students. You WILL need a mat, so don’t forget to pack yours. If you do, there’s a $2 mat rental fee. Make sure to wear flexible fabric that stays close to the body. You don’t want to get your loose shirt tangled up in the ribbons!

fitness trend - stand up paddling

3. Stand Up Paddling

At first glance, Stand Up Paddling doesn’t look like much of a workout. From the shore, it looks like simply standing on a board and pushing a paddle through the water while gliding with ease. Then you actually get on a board and realize it’s a lot more intense than it looks. The level of intensity will depend on the water you’re on. Paddling on a lagoon is going to be smoother and easier than heading out over the waves into the ocean.

A couple of guys that can help you get out and start SUP’ing are 2 Stand Up Guys in Carlsbad. They’ve been taking people out on all our local waters since 2009 and are specially trained in CPR/AED and schooled in a one-of-a-kind Academy of SUP Instructors. Lessons start on flat water where paddlers can learn the basics before heading out to open water… or maybe just the other side of the lagoon.

fitness trend - pole dancing workout - oceanside

4. Pole Dancing

Check your judgment and inhibitions at the door… pole dancing is one of the hottest, and toughest workouts you’ll find. Dancers and trainers are bringing the art of pole dancing out of the shadows and into fitness studios to show women how empowering and fun it can be to twist, twirl, and be sexy, all while getting a fabulous workout. Not only is it an incredible core and upper-body strength builder, it’s also a liberating form of expression that will challenge body, mind, and preconceptions. Darkside Fitness in Oceanside offers other specialty classes, including adult dance, yoga, and bootcamps. It’s a great place for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and special events, too!

fitness trend - bouldering at vital gym

5. Bouldering

Bouldering is one of the main styles of climbing; one of the few styles that can be done alone. Moreover, it’s a popular way to train for roped climbing because it allows climbers to repeatedly attempt moves to push the limit of a climber’s skill and strength. It’s done low enough to the ground that the only safety equipment a climber needs is a pad to land on… and some great music. That’s what you’ll find at Vital. Vital Climbing Gym is more of a hangout than a climbing gym. Vital takes the most social way to climb literally to a new level. Walking in, you get the feeling you’re in a giant club house. What’s more motivating in a workout than workout buddies to encourage you?

BONUS: Vital gyms also offer Slacklining. If you don’t already know what Slacklining is, chances are you’ve seen it. Slacklining is similar to tight rope walking but on a flat tether that has a little less tension and give to it. Beginner slacklines are about two inches wide, which provides you with more surface area for your feet making it easier to balance.

Your Turn…

Do you have some serious fitness goals for the next year? Or do you have a unique workout to recommend to our readers? We’d love your feedback. You never know… we might just feature your favorite gym in our next roundup!

Sugar Jones: Sugar Jones has been blogging about life since 2008. She has contributed to various local news stations for lifestyle segments, speaking about tech, social media, travel, food, and family.